How to Heal After Heartbreak with Yoga

18 August, 2022
How to Heal After Heartbreak with Yoga

When you love hard, you break harder. Not because you are weak, but because you are so strong that you invested so much of yourself into the relationship, unconditionally. A rare treat for the one you have loved with single-mindedness, in a time of plenty. Whether it is heartbreak caused by your best friend who ghosted you, your significant other who disappointed you, or your family member who abandoned you, bouncing back never comes easy.  Social media and loved ones with honest intentions might tell you healing is a journey, and being strong is equivalent to detaching yourself from the eclipse of emotions, which have tugged at your dear heart, however, that road to healing is hardly ever linear. If only getting back to repair was as easy as falling in love, poetic disposition by illustrious writers and thinkers over time, wouldn’t be a thing.
When you experience heartbreak, which is often internalised and vicious, you are forced to look inwards, pretty much like yoga, which teaches you to go inside and question the limitations you have set for your own body. With time, practise and patience, as you find your body bending as easily as a pretzel, your faith in yourself is restored.

In an effort to mend the broken so that you come back stronger, here, we look at some truly helpful asanas (poses) that have helped people heal, and reclaimed themselves on the yoga mat, moving their body mindfully, so it may finally align with their soul.

Try them?

Urdhva Mukha Svanasana or Upward-Facing Dog Pose

Crystal Fenton, a NYC-based writer and yoga instructor, in a piece for Yoga Journal talks at length about how upward-facing dog, helped open her heart after discovering that she was physically storing emotions within her hips and heart. She pressed on to refine the asana working to fix alignment and balance while keeping her chest open, expansive, and receptive to the universe.


Ananda Balasana or Happy Baby Pose

By stretching your inner groin and lower back in this pose you can help calm your mind and relieve stress. Called “happy baby” as you resemble a baby on its back, this one is super easy and ideal for beginners. Some incredible benefits include reducing lower back pain, improving tiredness and fatigue, lowering heart rate and easing anxiety.


Setu Bandhasana or Bridge Pose

A super safe and rejuvenating back-bend when you are looking for a great stretch, this pose is helpful in taking care of headaches and backaches while alleviating stress. It brings blood into your glands and brain, helping regulate hormonal imbalance and your central nervous system. Mastering your breath and body control in this pose will also help soothe your emotions.


Uttanasana or Forward Fold Pose

Did you know most of your chakras are located at both the back and front of your body? While this pose opens up the spinal column, it helps clear away blockages by being able to stimulate your nervous system. With time, deepen your forward fold which will help improve all your asanas.