How to have hot sex on a table or a kitchen counter

Safe, sexy, and exciting!

27 February, 2024
How to have hot sex on a table or a kitchen counter

Let me ask you something—when was the last time that you and your partner got so enveloped in the throes of passion and lust that you couldn’t even make it to the bedroom? You just had to have them right then and there in the drawing room or kitchen. Have you ever considered using your table or kitchen counter as a prop to elevate your pleasure levels by three notches? If not, you must know that there is something truly erotically thrilling, passionate, and intense about getting is on, on a platform. 

But it’s not as straightforward as it seems. There are a few things you need to consider before hopping onto the surface. From how sturdy it is to whether will there be a height issue, there are a few permutations and combinations to work out beforehand. But don’t worry, a little premeditation will not take away from the toe-curling sexpirence you will have. 

Here are a few tips to have platform sex in a way that is safe but still sends shivers down your spine. 

Choose a sturdy surface   

First things first, make sure the surface you decide on, can support the weight of both, you and your partner.

While it’s not necessary that both of you have to be on the surface at the same time, you don’t want the surface to break mid-romp leading to an unexplainable sex injury. So, if you’re not sure of a table’s strength, pick either a kitchen counter or a surface in the bathroom that is broad enough for it to be the site of your sexy time session.  

Keep the height and materials of the platform in mind   

While platform sex is all about passion and desire, you can’t just jump right in, at least not when it’s your first time on that surface. Consider a few logistics, like the height of the table or counter, and the material it is made of.

Let’s talk about the height conundrum first. If you decide to do a modified doggy or downward dog on a surface that is too high, the penetrating partner will have to stand on their tippy toes; and if it’s too low, they will have to squat. Neither of these is a comfortable experience, so you want to find a surface that is about waist-high for the penetrating partner to enjoy the experience and avoid any muscle strain.

Now that you've chosen the perfect height, it's important to choose the right surface. For instance, if you plan to do the missionary on a pool table (*heart eyes emoji with three fire emojis*), you might want to put down a blanket to avoid friction burns. It's best to avoid a glass table since it’s too slippery and rough like wood, brick etc. Stick to smooth, furnished platforms that won’t leave you with rashes, burns, or other skin irritations.  

Start with standing foreplay   

No matter what spot you choose for your romp, start with some foreplay and oral play. Whether you are in quickie mode or not, don’t be in a rush; penetration might be the grand finale but it doesn't have to overshadow the entire show. Make the most of your position and location by letting your hands and mouth explore every bit of your partner’s body. You could also get your penetrating partner to sit on a chair while you teasingly grind on them. Don’t be afraid to throw in some props and toys before getting to penetration.

Consider role-playing   

Sure, there are the classic (but spicy) positions you can always rely on during platform sex, like having your partner enter you from behind while you lean over the counter or table to sitting on the edge while they enter you from the front. But if you ever feel like dialling up the heat, add some role-playing to the mix. For instance, one of you could wear nothing but an apron and be the cook or you could lie down before your partner and be their meal before they enter you. Let your creativity be a guiding force.

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