How to make this Valentine's Day about self-love

Love is, in fact, in the air.

11 February, 2024
How to make this Valentine's Day about self-love

Valentine's Day is almost here, and regardless of how some of us feel about it, the idea of having a day dedicated to love is something we all deserve. Love, in this context, doesn't exclusively mean romantic love towards your partner. It could be the love you have for your sibling, parents, grandparents, close friends, long-lost friends, and, most importantly, yourself. And whether or not you have plans this Valentine's Day, indulging in some self-love is a must. So here’s how you can focus on self-love on this special day.

Wear your favourite outfit 

‘Dopamine dressing’ is real. It’s basically dressing to make yourself feel good. Take it from us, dressing for yourself is something that can instantly make you feel better about yourself. So, on this V-day, be sure to indulge in the experience by dressing in your favourite outfit, just for yourself. Maybe that dress that you have been saving for a special day? Now is the time; take this as your cue.

Start the day by buying yourself a little treat

Start your day on a sweet note by visiting your favourite coffee shop and buying that dessert you have been thinking about for so long. And no, one dessert won’t do much damage. You deserve the treat!

Don’t forget to write your affirmations

Remind yourself of how far you’ve come and give yourself a pat on the back. The next step should be to write down all your affirmations in the journal you swore you'd use every day, but haven’t looked at in over a month now. Affirmations also instantly add positivity to your life; saying good things about yourself might subtly help you believe them too.

Indulge in a shopping spree 

We’re girls, nothing boosts our dopamine levels like indulging in a shopping spree. All that you’ve been adding to your wish list for so long, get it! Or at least some of it. We’re not saying that you should spend irrationally, but spend your money on something you want—probably a dress, a pair of earrings, a fancy journal, or the Stanley Cup. 

Read 10 pages of a book you want to read 

Take some time out to read the book that has been staring you in the face for so long now. Trust us, reading 10 pages of a novel you’ve been putting off for decades, will only make you feel like a true champion. And you never know, you may get back into the habit of reading. It's a total win-win.

Rewatch your comfort show or movie 

Comfort shows are like a warm hug. Watch your favourite feel-good movie or a TV show and dive into some nostalgia. It can be a perfect ending to a day dedicated to self-love.

Take the day off 

If it's feasible, take a day off and do the things you love. Book a pottery class, build that garden you’ve been meaning to do on your balcony, feed the stray dogs, put together a mini library of books, rearrange the wardrobe, book a spa, and maybe even give that long-lost friend a phone call. The possibilities are endless.

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