Our favourite fictional female characters and the lessons they left us with

We're holding these women as our inspiration for 2024.

07 January, 2024
 Our favourite fictional female characters and the lessons they left us with

Powerful movies and TV shows can do so much to a person—from helping you think more critically to providing a welcome distraction when you need one, they have the ability to surround you with characters that, over time, become an inseparable part of you. To the extent that when things begin to fall apart, our favourite shows and characters are the first things we cling to. When it comes to on-screen personalities, many a female character have left an indelible impression on a lot of us. To put it simply, they shifted the conversation around what it means to be "feminine", just when we needed it. From Hermione Granger being the badass she was to Shuri being the unconventional superhero, thanks to the good writers and actors, these fierce characters never failed to sway us. As we enter 2024, we suggest you, too, take some inspiration from these characters. 

Jacqueline Carlyle from 'The Bold Type' 

Admit it. She’s the boss we all need. And moreover, she’s everything a girl wants to be. Jacqueline Carlyle’s character is iconic not only for her unconventional leadership style but also for how unapologetic she is about what she does. She’s the kind of woman who knows it all and does it without lifting a finger. Apart from her chic wardrobe, her courage to stand up is what we’re definitely stealing. 

Lalzari from 'Modern Love Mumbai' 

One of the most moving stories of the show is Lalzari's narrative, and compliments go to Fatima Shaikh for a great portrayal. Her character transforms from prioritising the needs of others over her own to shattering all the barriers put on her. Throughout the episode, we watch Lalzari evolve into a fearless, complete, and uninhibited woman who embraces and celebrates herself. The character of Lalzari serves as a subtle prompt to cherish self-love.

Maeve Wiley from 'Sex Education' 

If you've watched the show, Maeve is likely your favourite character as well; her strong screen presence is impossible to ignore. What sets her apart from others are her steadfast beliefs and ideologies. Never afraid to stand up for what's right, she truly embodies one of the most quintessential feminist (or, as they say, "complex female character") roles in all of television. She once said, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,” and that's a sentiment that could help you navigate through 2024.

Eloise Bridgerton from 'Bridgerton' 

There's everything to love about daring female characters, and Eloise is one of our favorites in the clan. She is inarguably the most authentic and candid character on the show, someone we can easily resonate with. Eloise speaks her mind and stands out as the only character daring enough to dream of a different life. Above all, it's her aspirations that make her distinctive and iconic.

Amy Santiago from 'Brooklyn 99'

After Hermione, if there’s anyone who made being a nerd look cool, it’s Amy Santiago. And we love her for that. While books and binders are her true best friends, she redefines perfection and it reflects in everything that she does. Even though she may come across as high-strung, her empathy and loyalty towards her team shape her as the best (human/ detective, Iykyk). Apart from this, she’s one of the few characters that managed to change the narrative of the so-called “Type-A nerdy personality” that many seem to diss. Nevertheless, she's the ultimate icon, and we're adopting her organisational skills.

Joyce Byers from 'Stranger Things' 

The least we could say about this woman is that she single-handedly carried the entire show on her back, and if it weren't for her, everyone in the show would have conveniently died. Joyce Byers’s courage to keep fighting and not give up, irrespective of how grave the danger seems, not only makes her the best mother on television but also makes her the epitome of strength. 

Gloria from 'The Modern Family' 

While discussing the most iconic characters, there's no way we're overlooking Gloria. She's bold, loud (let's admit it, the way Sofia does it, we all love it), tough, genuine, and most importantly, she's proud of who she is. She doesn't need anybody to remind her of her self-worth. What truly makes her iconic is the fact that she shatters the stereotype of the typical "money-minded second wife". In fact, Gloria rises above it all and leaves her own mark on the show.

Fleabag from 'Fleabag' 

For quite some time Fleabag has been the talk of the town, for all the right reasons. Difficult women precisely rule the screen, as does Fleabag. Her nature of being blunt with her thoughts and desires makes a bold and deep-rooted impression on the minds of the audience. She may have her own set of flaws, but her unconventional character is surely shifting the narrative of a strong female protagonist.