Pepito, Ahmedabad's culinary oasis for global tastes and aesthetics

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05 December, 2023
Pepito, Ahmedabad's culinary oasis for global tastes and aesthetics

If culture, colours, and food don't come to your mind when we mention Ahmedabad, you don't really know this vibrant city (and its food) in Gujarat. Walk the lanes of Ahmedabad and we bet, you will be swayed by the aroma of dhoklas, fafdas, sev khamani, gathiya, and many such staples. But when in the Manchester of India, you have got to tingle your taste buds beyond the classics. And if you don't know where to start, we’ve found you a promising pick—Pepito. 


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In a city where food is more than just sustenance, Pepito is set to emerge as the newest beacon of gastronomy, adding flair to Ahmedabad's culinary landscape. Spanning 13,500 sq. ft., this bistro promises to be the go-to destination for those seeking a delightful fusion of flavours, art, and culture. Pepito menu boasts an extensive selection of Korean and other Asian flavours, perfectly complemented by a mix of Mediterranean delicacies.

“Even though the main theme is global, the meal may have special touches or modifications to suit the varied preferences of Indian customers. Pepito wants to offer a variety of flavours that suit everyone, regardless of geography or gastronomic preferences," says Sujit Mehta, co-founder. From sushi and dumplings to the comforting Neapolitan pizzas and gumbos with rice, each dish reflects Pepito's passion for a wide range of cuisines. 

The barista area at Pepito is like a treasure trove, serving up everything from classic cold brews to special treats like affogatos and pour-overs. If you're a tea enthusiast, there's a refreshing variety of ice teas to explore, and for those craving something playfulness, Pepito offers unique bubble tea concoctions and fresh-fruit mojitos. 

Yet, it's not merely about the food at Pepito; it's about turning dining into a aesthetic experience. Your Instagram game will sure go up a notch with Bohemian-chic elegance. 

All in all, don’t miss out on the Pepito experience—it's a taste of the world right in the heart of the city! Pepito will officially open to the public from December 4.