Sex horoscope for the week—it's time to seek sensual pleasures and intimacy

Find out what the cards have in store for you.

Sex horoscope for the week—it's time to seek sensual pleasures and intimacy

We have officially entered the holiday season when all we wanna do is cuddle up with boo under the sheets. It's the season of wine, cake and just a lot of joy as the weather becomes so much more pleasant. 

While we are here to support heating things up in the bedroom, here's what your sex life will look like this week, as predicted by tarot reader Jigyasa Chandani.


Embrace fiery passion with role-play and domination—take charge for electrifying encounters. Keep it edgy, experiment with fantasies, and ignite the flame of desire.


Indulge in sensual pleasures—shop for lingerie that makes you feel sexy or organise extravagant, candle-lit dinners. Enhance the experience with luxurious fabrics and tantalising scents for an unforgettable night.


Communicate desire through flirty messages and explore the world of phone sex. Your words can create an enticing atmosphere—playful banter builds anticipation for steamy moments.


Turn your living room into a private cinema for a sexy movie night. Share laughter, popcorn, and intimate moments to deepen emotional connection while kindling desire.


Surprise your partner with a spontaneous sexcation—let the adventure fuel passion in your sessions. Dare to be bold in new surroundings, letting desire unfold unpredictably.


Drive to a romantic getaway away from the city; explore secluded spots for private rendezvous. A change of scenery intensifies intimacy and adds a touch of mystery.


Elevate pleasure with a sex toy—introduce new sensations and playfully explore each other's desires. Balance passion and connection to master the art of seduction.


Keep the flame alive with spontaneous dates. Explore new places and indulge in thrilling experiences. Unpredictability fuels desire and intensifies magnetic attraction.


Host exciting house parties—flirt, tease, and let the energy of the crowd spark passionate connections. Be the life of the party and enjoy the thrill of enticing encounters.


Create an intimate home date—unwind under sheets and explore each other's desires with sensual care. Build a connection that transcends the daily grind.


Embark on an online sexy date—use technology to your advantage, exploring desires through virtual experiences that leave a lasting impression.


Travel on a hot date journey, discovering new places together. Let the excitement of exploration ignite passion and deepen your connection. Embrace the mystery of the unknown.