Sex horoscope for the weekend—find out if orgasms are in the cards for you

Here's what your sexoscope says!

Sex horoscope for the weekend—find out if orgasms are in the cards for you

Mercury retrograde gets over this weekend and we can all hope it brings good luck to our sex lives! Whether you are planning to have a passionate weekend with bae or simply a slow love kind, let's make this time one brimming with orgasms!

Tarot reader Jigyasa Chandani predicts what your sex life will look like this weekend. Read your sex horoscope here: 


You'll be looking forward to an exciting and passionate weekend. You may unexpectedly meet someone who will magically appear in your life, adding a twist to the plot. Prepare for some intense and satisfying moments shared with this person.


You'll face a challenging decision this weekend. Both options are equally alluring and have the potential to bring you pleasure and excitement. However, it's important to choose one and focus your attention on that individual.


Gemini, this weekend you may find yourself in a laid-back mood. While you may be inclined to stay indoors and daydream about your sex life, it's time to take action. Step outside, visit a bar or club, and you might just encounter someone intriguing.


You may be feeling vulnerable about putting yourself out there, but it's important to embrace your inner power. Remember, many people fantasise about being intimate with you. Don't be afraid to explore and enjoy your desires.


An exhilarating weekend awaits you, especially in your professional sphere. You may meet someone with whom you share a strong mental connection, and the sparks will fly when you're together. Prepare for pleasurable experiences that will make you moan with delight.


I sense the arrival of new people in your life, and they bring exciting possibilities. You'll create steamy and memorable moments with them. Additionally, there's a delightful lingerie shopping trip in store for you and your partner, promising a wonderful time together.


Your weekend will resemble a scene from a romantic movie, taking place in a scenic location. It could be a planned staycation at a luxurious hotel or an unexpected visit to an ex-lover's house. Regardless, this encounter is bound to be unforgettable.


If you've been experiencing a dry spell, prepare for a sudden burst of passionate moments. Your luck is about to change, and something surprising awaits you this weekend. Get ready to create some hot memories that will leave you breathless.


As we near the end of the Mercury retrograde phase, an ex-lover may reappear in your life with a tempting offer. While it may make you weak in the knees and awaken old desires, remember why they are an ex. Keep it simple and without emotional attachments.


Your sex life with your partner hasn't been fulfilling, and you're hesitant to express your concerns for fear of hurting them. However, it's crucial to prioritise your own satisfaction and have an honest conversation to reignite the passion between you.


It appears you may find yourself in a love triangle, and your partner may propose a threesome or a three-way encounter. Brace yourself for a fiery and exhilarating weekend, with the promise of intense pleasure and delightful experiences.


It seems that a powerful and possibly famous individual has set their sights on you. You may catch them stealing glances, and their desire for you will be undeniable. Prepare for an intense and mind-blowing experience with someone who may prove to be the best you've ever had.