Sex horoscope for the weekend—find out what the stars have in store for you

Will it be a hot weekend?

27 January, 2023
Sex horoscope for the weekend—find out what the stars have in store for you

This is going to be a happening weekend for many. Some people will spice up their sex lives with novelty, some will finally sign up on a dating app and some will find their way back to their hot ex. It's all about sexing it up, having fun and making pleasure a big theme this weekend. 

So what do the stars have in store for you? Read on to find out as tarot reader Jigyasa Chandani shares sex horoscope for the weekend. 


This weekend is all about making hot hot love, but in the arms of luxury. Think candlelight dinners, staycations and some kissin’ in the bathtub. You may be in the mood for relaxation so you will be indulging in essential oils, wearing sexy lingerie, and just clearing your mind of any distractions. Steer clear of any arguments though; you don’t want your weekend getting spoiled over anything. 


Your love life is going great but you’ve allowed your sex life to become stagnant. You need to shake things up, Taurus. Unleash your kinky side and try something new this weekend. It’s all about communication, which means sexting or dirty talking can spice up your time between the sheets. You will be taking your connection to the next level with deeper intimacy.  


Your sex life this weekend will involve a romantic date right before you get to the naughty part of the evening. You may be dividing your attention between two potential partners. I see that many people are simping over you and you're confused. But that confusion is good for you. How lucky are you to be exploring all realms of pleasure with cute 'hotties'. It's some old school lovin’ for you like whispering sweet nothings or getting into passionate loving under the sheets. 


There is a lot of thinking but no 'doing'. Stop thinking, Cancer otherwise the ship is going to sail and you will forever be stuck waiting. You are just fantasising about sexy scenarios but not making them happen. You and your bae are happy together, but what's lacking is some spice. Whatever it is that you're fantasising about, put it out there. Get creative. You want some 'dirty lovin' so get down with it! Singles, there is good news for you. Someone new and exciting is entering your life. Get ready for a new love story.


There are a lot of trust issues on the cards. You feel lonely. But you are not alone; there are people who want to hold you and cuddle you and make sweet love to you. It's about giving a chance to the right people. You are putting a cold front. Let people see the warm and fuzzy side of you. I see that finally you may register yourself on a dating app and get some!


You need to be careful. Your partner is not being real with you right now. You need to put your foot down and ask your bae what is happening. You may be going through a dry spell but this weekend is the perfect time to get some PQs. If you’re single, you may meet a cutie who makes you horny! If you're already in a relationship, it's time to invest in sex toys to spice up your routine.


You want to do something out of the box and find something or someone that gives you pleasure. It's time to brainstorm about the perfect idea that really adds some spark to your life. Drop hints to your boo and let them bring your vision into a sexy reality. A lot of new 'characters' are entering your life. It's the perfect time to live your kinky fantasies IRL with them. 


If you have a long-distance lover, you may get a surprise visit from them this weekend.  And oh the fun you're going to have after that! It will all be about staying indoors and exploring each other's bodies. You won't get enough of them and you'll be experiencing the big Os the entire night! And if you're single, you'll be going on an impromptu 'date night' or you're likely to bump into some old lover or crush who'll be really into you and want to get down with you, right after your 'accidental meeting'.


Looks like you really want to put the blindfold on your boo and give them pleasure of all kinds or have them blindfold you. You want to really redefine 'kink' and just dive into it, unabashedly. Just let loose and have fun. Don't hold yourself back. Text them and go for it! If you're fresh out of a breakup, you have someone waiting in the pipeline to put a band-aid on your heart. Just let them!


Ah! You have your standards set high! You're not going to settle and that is very evident on your cards. You're playing hard to get and a lot of people are trying to get into your good books…and pants. Just give a chance to the person you feel is right and they can really show you what it feels like to be 'lusted after'. Just put your guard down a lil bit and have a fun night of kissin’ and lovin’. 


You're stopping yourself from living the best time of your life. Yes, you have some expectations when it comes to your sex life but your checklist is so long that sometimes you fail to acknowledge that someone right in front of you is ready to please you. You don't want to see beyond your set expectations. Just for once, sit back, relax and let them take you on an orgasmic journey.


There is some underlying tension between you and your lover. And you're deliberately not acknowledging it because you aren't ready. If you're single, you may not be acknowledging a potential lover right in front of you! It's time that you do! In terms of sex, things are going to be pretty spontaneous and you may hook up with someone unexpected. You can indulge in quickies or a series of sexual encounters this weekend. Pisces, you're on a roll!