These Are The Benefits of Making Your Own Bed Every Morning

Looks like mom was nagging us to do the right thing all along.

09 October, 2018
These Are The Benefits of Making Your Own Bed Every Morning

If there is one thing we all remember while rushing out to school, it's our mom telling us to make our beds. As adults, who get to call their own shots (more or less), it's also the one thing we tend to ignore as we are eager the get started with our busy day.

For most people, it seems to be a waste of time, and some of us have even hired help for such mundane household chores. All in all, it seems like it's not such a big deal to leave your bed unmade, especially when you are going to get right back in it at the end of the day. 


Well, not exactly. For one, making your bed immediately after you wake up is beneficial for health reasons, it kills the dust mites that are attracted to the dead skin and sweat (eww!). Apart from that, it also has some mental health and psychological benefits that can help improve the quality of your day. Here are five reasons you should make your bed every morning to help you become a better version of yourself.

1. You start the day right: US Navy Admiral William H McCraven spoke about the benefits of making your bed in a speech that he gave at the University of Texas. He said making your bed means you have accomplished the first task of the day, helping you walk out of your room knowing you have achieved something. You feel more inclined to complete another task after this, giving you a growing sense of motivation and self confidence.


2. It cultivates mental discipline: When you get your self out of bed on Monday morning, making it is the last thing you want to do. Getting yourself to do this dreary task is a great opportunity to discipline yourself. This exercise in controlling your mind will help you address other such tasks that you don't feel like doing, but are important for your success.

3. It's a great mindfulness exercise: Any mundane task, like washing the dishes, cleaning the floor and making your bed, are an excellent time to practice mindfulness. As you focus completely on the boring task at hand, you develop mental muscle that will keep you focused on everything you are doing and live in the moment.


4. You get better sleep: According to s study by the National Sleep Foundation, there is a correlation between making the bed and better quality of sleep. Though it is difficult to explain why, but it could be due to all the the other benefits that this activity gets us.

5. You will feel more organised and at ease all day: A made bed is pleasing to the eyes and gives us a sense of order and neatness. Starting the day on an orderly note can help keep us feel calm and aesthetically inclined as we step out for the day.

Here's a video of the speech given by Admiral McCraven at Texas University, giving us some more insight into this topic.



Brb, need to go tuck in our bedsheets, ASAP!