This Women's Day, own your pleasure with these sex positions

It's time to take charge of your orgasms!

08 March, 2024
This Women's Day, own your pleasure with these sex positions

Being in charge between the sheets looks different for everyone. While it may conjure up stereotypical images of black leather catsuits and whips, it’s not always the case (unless you’re into 50 shades of ‘Red Room’ kink). In any case, figuring out how to take control in a steamy sexy-time session, can be a tad daunting. It requires introspection and a whole lot of experimentation until you are comfortable in your own skin. Merely being on top is not enough; you have to be able to take charge and be in control of your sexual gratification. Once you’ve gotten the hang of the rhythm, you are guaranteed to feel like a confident, sexy goddess. 

For too long people have assumed women to be the weaker, subordinate sex. But not anymore. The conversation is rapidly changing, and if you’re open and willing, so should your sexual repertoire. So on the occasion of Women’s Day, we are here to help you take control of your orgasms with these exciting positions. 


An oral sex position that will make your toes curl, queening is when the individual with a vagina sits on their partner’s face, allowing them to enjoy their meal. While it may sound dangerous, it isn’t when done correctly. You get into position by kneeling over your partner’s face as they are down, on their back. Then you straddle their face with your legs and hover your genitals over their mouths they begin to lick, suck, flick, or whatever else you’ll are into. Remember not to literally sit on their face with all your body weight as this can be dangerous.

Queening is a guaranteed way to achieve mind-blowing orgasms. But it’s not just about receiving oral sex; this position lets you take charge and own your pleasure as you experiment with power dynamics. You are, after all, the queen. 


Unlike the missionary or doggy positions, the cowgirl puts you in charge of the action as you enjoy deeper penetration and stimulate your clitoris and other erogenous zones. It also allows you to control the position and speed to your liking. For instance, you could bend forward to kiss or bite your partner’s neck while alternating between shallow and deeper thrusts to tease them.

The trick here is to use your hips and grind instead of bouncing on your partner’s penis. While the latter may seem fun—it sure does look hot to your partner—it will tire you out faster and not do anything for either of you. If you’re looking to turn the pleasure up a notch, use a vibrator or ask your partner to stimulate your clitoris.

We understand that cowgirl can seem quite daunting, especially if you haven’t tried being on top before. But remember, it takes time, practice, and a lot of experimenting to master a rhythm that you know will get you and your partner off. This position can also be an incredible confidence booster for you.  


To get into this position, have your partner with a penis or strap-on, to sit on a chair or the edge of the bed as you sit on their lap, facing them. This position allows you to move as you please and allows your partner to stimulate various erogenous zones (maybe throw in some nipple play). The face-off allows you to spice up an already steamy session as you turn into a sex goddess.

Seated wheelbarrow  

Okay, this is a slightly tricky position but don’t let that deter you. Unlike doggy, the seated wheelbarrow is a rear-entry position that puts you in the driver’s seat. Begin by having your partner sit at the edge of a bed, chair, or couch and then sit on your lap facing the other way. As you lower yourself onto their penis, bend forward, plant your hands on the floor, stretch your legs on either side of your partner’s legs, and start grinding. 

In this position, you own the rhythm and the depth of penetration. You can move in whichever way you want and experiment with a whole range of sensations. If you are up for some kink, the seated wheelbarrow will allow you to explore some impact play (read: spanking). However, be sure to discuss it with your partner first. It’s consent over everything! 

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