10 Things to Do If You Want to Lose Weight From Dieting

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Diet or exercise? The debate is eternal. While most of us Indians love to be "on a diet" forever, we might as well do it right.

And here's how to:

1. Reduce the consumption of frozen/processed foods - These foods may be easy to cook but it's no secret that these cold concoctions loaded with bloat-inducing and blood-pressure-raising sodium.

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2. Don't be too hard on yourself - A research in Appetite and Eating Behaviors supports the notion that giving into a guilty pleasure is more effective at keeping weight off long term than trying to fight it.

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3. Don't save calories for later - By the time you get to dinner, and have a drink or two, the feelings of extreme hunger rush into your system, that makes you want to grab whatever you can get your hands on. And you high probably end up choosing foods that are high in calories and fat.

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4. Drink 7-8 glasses of water everyday - Keep metabolic rate and better digestion in check by staying hydrated throughout the day.

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5. Don't plan your schedule as per your diet - There's a difference between being committed to a weight loss plan and getting obsessed with it, we advise you not to plan your sked according to your diet but to go the other way round. Live a little!

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6. Avoid foods that have artificial sweetener in it - They may claim to have "zero calories," but a review published in the journal PLOS One concluded that those sweeteners can dull your sweet receptors, causing you to consume more of traditionally sweet foods, and thus, consume more calories.

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7. Don't skip meals - Three balanced meals in a day is a good way to regulate your system into functioning properly. If you want to take it a notch higher, start having five small meals a day—a balance of carbs, proteins, roughage, and healthy liquids.

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8. Don't miss out on fats - Fats are necessary to feed the brain and help prevent cravings. Incorporate more healthy fats like those from avocados, nuts, seeds, coconut oil, olive oil into your diet-plan.

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9. Don't have dinner too late - When you have too close to your bedtime, you may have trouble hitting the sack, making it difficult for your system to digest that meal and generate higher level of hunger hormones later.

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10. Don't bore yourself with the same workout - Challenge new muscles by following different variety of workouts.

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