21 Hacks That Will Make You Lose Weight in ONE Minute!

No.7 is so easy, and also curbs cravings.




If you've got a minute, then you have all the time you need to loose weight. No, seriously, contrary to popular belief, not all weight loss has to be a time consuming activity. Smartly slipping in some habits and techniques into your routine can help you make the extra kilos disappear. Given bellow are 21 one-minute hacks you can adopt in your day to help you banish that flab...

  1. Walk while talking on the phone, that way your daily dose of gossip can be a physical and mental workout.
  2. Chew sugar-free gum; studies show it boosts metabolism.
  3. Water down your favorite juice by half with water, to save up to 80 calories a glass.
  4. Sip on green tea before you walk, the caffeine helps burn fat more easily.
  5. Study those calorie boxes on food products. Just by being more conscious of the calorie, fat, carbs, and sugar content in an item, you'll be able to make a better eating choice.
  6. Sprinkle flax seeds on your cereal, yogurt and salads. Being high in fiber, these little flakes of goodness help curb your appetite.
  7. Pop a cough drop. Research show that the mint and menthol flavor can help curb cravings. Of course, sugar-free versions are recommended.
  8. Add extra spice to your food; the spice helps you eat less and burn fat. However, be careful with this one if you have gastric issues.
  9. Note down what you eat. Keeping track of the food you consume makes you more aware of any bad habits.
  10. Ditch the remote. You can burn up to 100 calories by switching channels and air-conditioning temperatures etc, manually.
  11. When you have 60 seconds to spare, do 10 push-ups or sit-ups. Apart from keeping you toned, it also helps you stay in touch with your body.
  12. Add chunky vegetables to your soup, salad or pasta. The big pieces slow down the process of eating and help you get full sooner.
  13. Blot the fat. Ever seen those annoying people who dab their pizza with a napkin? They might be on to something. Research shows that this can help remove a teaspoon of oil, and save about 40 calories from two slices.
  14. Post inspirational quotes in plain view, as a screen saver or even on your fridge. You will be less likely to reach for the cookie jar if the fridge has a Post-It saying, 'Dear stomach, you are bored not hungry'.
  15. Clean something once a week, like your floor, window or bathroom mirror. You will get a cleaner house and burn fat.
  16. Replace your plates and dishes with blue ones. The colour blue is known to be an appetite suppressant and can help curb overeating.
  17. Put your fork or spoon down in between bites. This will slow down your eating process and help prevent you from mindless eating.
  18. Walk 1,000 extra steps a day. Get a pedometer and keep track of your average daily steps and add 1,000 to that number.
  19. Make your own coffee instead of stopping for Starbucks. Gourmet coffee is loaded with deceptive extra calories.
  20. Eat a handful of nuts. Not only are they packed with nutrients, these smart snacks are a great way to prevent hunger pangs and binge eating.
  21. Brush your teeth immediately after every meal, especially dinner. The minty freshness sends your brain a signal that your meal is over.