8 Important Questions To Ask Yourself Before Accepting Your Job Offer

Don't say yes...yet!




1) Do I fully understand the job responsibilities? 
One of the most important questions to ask yourself is if you truly understand the job responsibilities and everything you are required to do. 

2) From what I have seen so far, do I like the company culture? 
Though you may not understand the culture about the company from your initial interviews, you may have an idea of what it is like to work in the company. Do you like what you have experienced so far?

3) What are my working hours? 
Do you have a normal 9-5 or does your job require you to work odd hours? What about working overtime or on the weekends?

4) Who do I report to? 
It is perfectly fine to ask who you report to because you don't want any surprises after you start a job! 

5) How much money will I  be making? 
Obvious, but very important. Do you have a clear understanding, in writing, how much money you will be making for your job? 

6) Do I have a clear understanding of my benefits? 
It is important to ask what your benefits include especially health and retirement benefits before taking any job! 

7) Will I enjoy my job? 
Most of us spend a majority of our day at work and you want to make sure you will enjoy most aspects of your job. This way you can actually look forward to going to work! 

8) Is there room for growth in the company? 
Surely you want to move up in your career, so ask yourself if there is room for growth in your new company.