7 Signs You Are Turning Into Your Mother

Especially #5




1) You suddenly start to feel like you are 'too mature' for certain things. 
You find yourself 'feeling way too old' wayy to often! 

2) One glass of wine is more than enough. 
Cocktails? Shots? No, thank you! 

3) Heels? Yeh right, it's all about the flats baby! 
Comfort allll the way! 

4) 11:00pm is suddenly wayyyyyy past your bedtime! 
You can barely keep your eyes open past 9:00pm these days.

5) Comfortable undies over g-stings! 

6) You hate the hottest, newest music. 
"Music was so much better in the 90s"

7) You always ask your friends to text you when they get home. 
Oh, and they better or else...