The 2 Biggest Mistakes You're Making That's Stopping You From Losing Weight

What misconception have you been living under, to eat less?




Do you find yourself working out like mad, and following a strict diet, but still struggling to lose weight?

Don't worry, you're not the only one.We've been on a strict, well kinda strict diet, since as long as we can remember. We actually even try an order a salad (most of the time), during a family outing. It's some dedication, watching your brother clean up a plate of spaghetti, while you forcefully munch on something that resembles rocket leaves, without any dressing of course.

It's also some dedication to force yourself out of bed every morning, before work, just to fit in a quick cardio sesh. Face it, it's not easy to lose weight, and it's frustrating when you hardly see a difference, after all the effort that you put in.

Well, it's the little things that matter. Maybe you're not doing everything right. When it comes to losing weight, the smallest of cheat meals, and every single posture counts. A fitness star, revealed the two biggest mistakes you could be making, that's stopping you from achieving the body goal, you've always dreamt off. Fitness model, Anna Victoria gave an inside into her life, and suggested simple swaps that you could make to see a massive difference, the next time you try and lose weight.

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1. You don't need to eat less to get results

Don't be insane, and stop starving yourself already. Skinny is no longer cool, even fashion forward countries like France are banning models that are 'too skinny'.

We're assuming that you've made all the healthy food swaps necessary, in order to lose weight. Fact, healthy foods automatically have low calories, and in turn, you actually need more food than you would normally eat. What misconception have you been living under, to eat less?

You're probably already swapping out three cups of pasta, for say, three cups of spinach. But do you realise, that those three cups of spinach only have 21 calories, compared to the pasta's 588 calories? You need to eat more of substantial food, especially if your stomach is growing after a strength training session.

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But, it's also about finding the right balance, because obviously eating too much of anything, is going to lead to weight gain.

2. Don't give into the myth that lifting weights, will 'bulk you up'

Come on now, gaining big muscles, don't just happen accidentally. You can't possibly become 'ripped' just because you're lifting a few weights now and then. Unless you're working towards that goal, and following a specific routine, and a specific diet, just for the gains, you're really not likely to bulk up. Plus women produce less testosterone than men, so you're less likely to end up looking like a bodybuilder.

Strength training is actually the new, fresh perspective into losing weight faster. Strong is the new skinny guys, so jump into that bandwagon.

We highly recommend it, it's a great, and positive way to a better body.

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