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8 Miraculous Ways Your Belly-Button Can Cure Daily Ailments!

We were living under a rock, until now.

You've grown up believing that the only reason your body has a belly button in the first place, is because that was where your umbilical chord was attached. But did you know, that this magical spot on your body is a secret remedy to umpteen day-to-day problems that you complain about, without ever having a satisfactory solution for! If you're one of those who have already spent a bomb on various beauty products and OTC medicines to cure yourself of any of the following issues, you're in luck!

We have decoded a simple, yet effective solution for all your ailments. All in one magical place - your belly button!

1. Apply Neem Oil on your belly button - to get rid of stubborn pimples and acne

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Those pesky pimples and acne marks that seem to have a special affinity for your beautiful face, completely eroding you off your self-confidence, can now bid you farewell for good. This simple trick will definitely reduce all blemishes, and visibly clarify your skin.

2. Apply Almond Oil on your belly button- to help achieve a glowing face

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Revive a dull, tired face with this neat hack and say hello to a fresh, dewy skin that has it's own luminescence to boast of! Almond oil is not just a miracle-worker for your hair, it can do wonders for your skin, if applied in this fashion.

3. Apply Mustard Oil on your belly button - to get rid of dry, chapped lips

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Lips rougher than an abandoned door-mat are the bane of every girl's winter beauty game. Your lipstick does not stay put, your skin keeps peeling, and you feel like complete disaster; trying to moisten your lips. Work your way to nourished lips, by following this essential hack, and forget your chapped lips woes.

4. Apply olive oil or coconut oil - to improve your fertility

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Coconut oil has endlessly been pitched as a winner beauty essential in your paraphernalia, owing to its amazing properties which work wonders for your hair, as well as your skin. But the list does not end there, as it also helps in your fertility! Well, that one can definitely be explored.

5. Keep alcohol dipped cotton on your belly button - to cure cold, flu and a running nose

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Especially for those who vehemently detest popping pills, for something as trivial as a cold or a flu, you've found your secret way to go au naturel. Research has proven that, placing a cotton swab dipped in alcohol on your belly button, can significantly help cure any signs of cold, flu or an irritating running nose!

6. Keep brandy soaked cotton ball on your belly button - to ease menstrual pain and cramps

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That time of the month, when you absolutely hate being a woman, thanks to an angry uterus bleeding its way to what seems like Death, maybe! While some are able to handle it remarkably well; for some, no amount of painkillers, rest, or a clean diet/yoga is helpful. In that case, you will totally love this neat trick. When it's about easing those horrible period cramps, anything is worth a shot!

7. Apply pure, clarified butter (obtained from cow milk) on your belly button - to soften your skin

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Those product endorsements which boast of skin as smooth as butter, with a feather gliding on it, seems too good to actually be true. How about trying some butter on your skin for real, for a change? We totally recommend trying this method of applying butter on your navel, to gradually pave your path to baby soft skin.

8. Apply lemon oil on your belly button - to get rid of face pigmentation

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Pigmentation is a beauty ailment plaguing millions of women out there, and even regular appointments with your dermat seem futile, after a point of time. Lemon juice has acidic properties, so it makes sense to try this fix to eliminate all signs of pigmentation from your skin.

1 belly button, 8 different oils - every beauty problem solved. Could this hack be any cooler?