10 Signs You're Actually a Psychopath...

... no, seriously!




Who hasn't secretly wondered if they're a psychopath? If you haven't, chances are you might be one! Surely you've questioned yourself, (and your thoughts) every once in a while. Haven't you ever mused that you're a monster—or is this what it's like to be human?

Maybe you've giggled, when you should be crying–or smirked, when you really should be mourning. We've taken plenty of quizzes to determine what's going in our heads, we're even willing to visit a therapist, if that answers our questions. But that won't be needed now, because we've got a list of 10 habits that prove that you may just be harbouring some psychopathic traits.

Please note: We really aren't trying to diagnose your conditions, this list is merely a fragment of information gained through the work of mental health professionals.

1. You're Probably the Manipulative One in Your Friend Group

You think you can always get what you want, and to be fair, you probably can.

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2. You're Also Incredibly Charming, Depending on When You Want to Be

It's all really just pretence, and you can switch from charming to mean in seconds. Fun fact: Because of this, most psychopaths are actually CEOs, because they can go from fun to sour on command.

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3. You Hate to Admit it, But You've Often Been Called Shallow

And this is how you really feel about the haters:

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4. Your Blame-Game is Strong

You're hardly ever in trouble, because of course, it's always somebody else's fault. On the rare occasion you do get in trouble, you just talk or smile your way out of it.

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5. You Never Lose!

No it's not just being competitive, it's literally next-level. When you happen to lose, all hell breaks lose, because obviously it's a conspiracy. Someone as awesome as you could never lose.

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6. You Have No Idea How Guilt, or Empathy, or Even Shame Feels Like

B*tch please, only the weak feel those emotions.

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7. You Really Know How to Lie

And not bat an eyelid doing it. We're not sure you even know what 'honesty' means.

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8. You Refuse to Learn From Your Mistakes...

... because obviously, according to you, you never make any mistakes!

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9. You're Definitely Not the 'Reliable' One in Your Friend Group

Or in any other group for that matter, you're completely unreliable. Even 'fashionably late' is too early for you.

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10. You're the Ultimate Casanova

You'd rather have quick flings and one-night-stands, than face the burden of a relationship. You also loveee just talking about it, and showing off—you little minx.

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