Have You Been Trying to Give Up Smoking ForEVER?

Welcome to the cigarettes―that won't kill you...




Boasting of global tie-ups with brands like Joyetech, Kangertech, Aspire, Smok and others— Vape Stop is the new IT thing in town. Solely meant for adult smokers who wish to kick the butt but are struggling with it, vaping is the new 'smoking' that is 100% tobacco free.

In a Cosmo Exclusive interview, we got Vape Stop's Founder, Anant Jangwal, to talk about this fresh tide of vaping revolution taking the country by storm, with the advent of 'e-cigarette and e-liquid' products — under one roof.

Cosmo: What was the trigger behind this idea? Any personal experience/particular incident that moved you?

Anant : "When my colleague—a chain smoker for 7 years—suddenly quit smoking! He purchased e-cigarettes from New York in bulk (since they weren't available anywhere in India) on his doc's recommendation, and the results were unbelievable! I delved into it a bit more and found out that vaping was actually promoted in the UK as a 'quit smoking' alternative! Some more studies later, I was hit by a brainwave — of trying it out in India."

C: How exactly did you collate the market research for this product? What obstacles did you face?

A: "The vaping market in India is unable to tap its full potential, thanks to limited supply and awareness among smokers. We aimed to bridge this gap, but did face a few hiccups in our journey. Vape Stop's research team analysed Indian preferences of vaping products and brands, and even scouted International markets to ensure a premium experience. Finding a completely legit way of importing and retailing e-cigarettes along with understanding the related regulations, was even more challenging! After ALL that, we were finally able to create a user-friendly platform wherein anybody could make a purchase—be it a newbie or a regular buyer."

C: What was the response that you received when you first conceived this idea, and shared it with close ones?

A: "Basically — every Indian family who are happy for you, yet they want to shield you from the bitter world out there. They were convinced that the tobacco industry (a direct threat to vaping), and the pharma line that will lose out on tonnes of revenue once people ditch nicotine gums/patches for vaping—will be waiting to pounce on me like a pack of hungry wolves. Let alone the society that ostracizes anything which looks even remotely like smoking! Will e-cigarettes gain acceptance in such conditions? — such questions were fired at me, time and again."

C: What is that one absolutely unique point about your store that you would wish to highlight?

A: "In 3 words — First Mover Advantage. We strongly believe in delivering only the best products for Indian smokers. Here's where our strong ties with International partner brands will come in handy, helping us deliver quality, at a compelling price, that a smoker won't think twice about. Throw in a hassle-free shopping experience — with lightening fast delivery, premium packaging, and a fantastic customer service — and you've got yourself a kick-*ss deal!"

C: How do you visualize a revolution in the e-cigarette industry with your store? What steps do you plan to take for the same?

A: "Vape Stop's aim is to craft a widespread vaping culture synonymous to the scenario in the West. We dream of eradicating smoking from its roots, and all it needs is two things — quality products and awareness.

Spearheading the vaping revolution in India, we are fighting daily to help this product receive Government recognition for public health welfare. Speaking economically, we have also introduced offline sales to boost the revenue of small-time vendors, along with easing access to e-cigarettes. A brick and mortar store IRL will act as the 'ace of spades' in this battle against conventional smoking. If I can deliver a product that will save lives, then I would say it is a very noble contribution!"

C: And, are you a smoker yourself? Has vaping helped you personally? If not, can you share a case of someone you know who has benefited?

A: "I am neither a smoker, nor a vaper. However, we get calls and testimonies from our customers ALL the time, and these blessings are our biggest inspiration.

Recently, we received a call from a 50-year old customer who was a heavy smoker for the past 30 years. He told us that he has finally quit—a phenomenon he never thought would come true! THAT definitely, was a moment of pride."

C: Do you believe people today are into conventional smoking due to peer pressure? How do you think e-cigarettes can help in that case?

A: "Yes, peer pressure is one of the major reasons that push people towards this cancerous habit. But, nobody remains a smoker on account of it, thanks to high awareness about the dire consequences of smoking. The point of concern is that once a person is addicted, physiological and psychological needs do not let him quit. Enter—vaping.

Modern e-cigarettes cater to the psychological need (hand-to-mouth movement) as well as the physiological need (by providing nicotine). Eventually, the body under the influence of the 'weaning off' effect, reduces its nicotine need. A conventional cigarette's taste of burnt tobacco— then feels extremely repulsive to a user—making them quit tobacco because they want to, not just because they have to. That's the trick, neat right?"

C: Lastly, does your business have what it takes to succeed in today's increasingly competitive marketplace? How?

A: "Absolutely! With top international brands on board, and almost negligible competition in the advance vaping segment—we import only the best, and are very well within the legal framework. While ITC and Godfrey Phillips have their own brands, their e-cigarettes are 'cig-a-likes' —the basic technology product that landed years ago. On the other hand, Vape Stop is an organized player focused only on advance e-cigarettes which are the real game changer."

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