This Part-Funny Part-Scary Video Shows the Difference Between White People Vs the World

Um. Wow.

Scrolling though my Facebook feed, I couldn't help but stumble upon this video by Jimmy Zhang that had the exact kind of thumbnail that grabs my attention just enough to watch (on mute, of course) for a few trial seconds in the morning—a poll thumbnail.

As the answers progressed, it became clear that the subject of the video (Minorities Vs White People On: The Worst *ss Whooping) had a shockingly clear gradient of answers.

While white people gave answers like 'having my unlimited text taken away to 'my parent's being disappointed in me' for the worst punishment they had ever received as children, the 'Minority' group answers were as far on the other end of the spectrum that answers could get (knives and belts included)

Watch the whole video here to know more...

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