You're Officially Responsible for Your Butt and Anyone It Might Dial

A court has ruled that anyone who accidentally dials another person doesn't have an expectation of privacy.




A court has ruled that butt-dialers are responsible for their butt accidentally dialing people and have no reasonable expectation of privacy, Courthouse News Service reports. So if you're still storing your phone in your back pocket, maybe now's the time to make the switch to front pocket/purse/fanny pack/literally anywhere else. Even keeping your phone in your mouth like a squirrel is probably a better bet.

The ruling comes from a case in which an executive butt-dialed his secretary while discussing firing the board's CEO. The secretary wrote down the entire conversation and then presented it to the board. The executive attempted to sue her, but the judge shot it down.

 "A person who knowingly operates a device that is capable of inadvertently exposing his conversations to third-party listeners and fails to take simple precautions to prevent such exposure does not have a reasonable expectation of privacy," says Judge Danny Boggs. Translation: That's your phone and you're responsible for it, so if you're going to have a secret conversation, turn your phone off first.

I know I'm not the only person who sometimes double-checks my phone before revealing dark secrets or talking trash about someone. With this court ruling, it's a habit everyone should pick up.

By Frank Kobola

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