You Need to Try These Starbucks' Coffees!

The brand's Coffee Ambassador D. Major Cohen made us fall in love with Veranda, Sumatra and India Estates Blend.




​Earlier this month, when Starbucks' Coffee Ambassador D. Major Cohen was in town, Cosmo got a taste of the brand's best coffees blends, Veranda, Sumatra and India Estates Blend. Here's why you should have them on your next visit to our favourite coffee chain, paired with to-die-for delicacies, of course!


This mellow, flavorful blend from Latin America has a nice softness.

Tasting notes:  Lightly roasted

Pair with: Almond and Butterscotch Cookie, milk chocolate and roasted nut. 

India Estates Blend (IEB) 

A must-try, it was introduced in 2013 to celebrate the grand 1st Anniversary of Starbucks in India. It is India's first self-grown creation in the Starbucks World. 

Tasting notes: Chocolatey, herbal coffee

Pair with: Basil Tomato & Mozarella Cheese Sandwich followed by a Chocolate Brownie.


Full-bodied with a smooth mouthfeel and almost no acidity.

Tasting notes: lingering flavours of dried herbs and fresh earth.

Pair with: It goes beautifully with cinnamon, oatmeal, maple, butter, toffee and cheese.

P.S. Cohen launch the globally-acclaimed Flat White, a delicious artistic espresso beverage made with two bold ristretto shots, a thin layer of velvety micro-foam and finished with an eye-catching latte art dot!