Watch These Indian Grandparents Answer Burning Questions About the Birds and the Bees

#SexEducation 101


“Dude, he was kissing me and suddenly, his hand went up my top. And I freaked out!”

“OMG! Really? Does this mean you’ll get pregnant now?”


It’s interesting how there has always been an air of secrecy when it comes to sex. The hush-hush tone, half-baked information, and a strong feeling of being shamed if you ever get caught exploring your curiosity. Are you nodding in agreement? Oh, well. The lack of conversations surrounding sex-related topics could be the reason a lot of people reach out to unreliable sources, or depend on their friends who themselves are figuring things out, to educate them. This often leads to misconceptions about what is safe and what is unsafe when it comes to sex.

And on top of it we all, entertain the nail-biting fears of not knowing what to do next or embarrassing oneself in front of one's partner, in our heads. #BeenThereDoneThat

So, if not friends, who should one talk to? Grandparents?!

What better way to break down these unnecessary walls of taboo surrounding this natural act than by making grandparents talk about it!

Yup, we know it sounds very eyebrow-raising level scandalous. But, surprisingly, a candid conversation, about sexting, friends with benefits, and whether bigger is better *wink* *wink*, etc. with three couples who are grandparent now, turns out is nothing but adorable!

The conversation began with the question if they have sex, and answers like “of course” and “goes without saying” set the tone of the conversation.

They were asked other questions like:

“Have your kids ever caught you having sex?”

“How did you receive sex education?”

“What do you think about homosexuality?”


Here, watch the full video:


Netflix’s Sex Education series is a laughter riot packed with answers to questions that might have lingered in your mind unanswered far too long. The teen comedy series explores the life of confused and curious coming of age school goers. We have a feeling that this could be just the ice-breaker that we needed to get the conversation started. Go, get #SexEducation!