There's Now a Course That Can Teach You How To Be A Pornstar!

We sh*t you not, folks.




Ever watched porn and wondered, where'd that man learn to thrust like that? Or looked at woman going down on him and musing to yourself if she'd learnt her skills professionally? Well, those delightfully teachable tacks are up for grabs, because Porn legend Rocco Siffredi has decided to impart his years of accumulated wisdom in the biz—by means of a two week long course at a university he's launched—called, incidentally, the Siffredi Hard Academy.

There will be a number of courses: some, for instance, being, Advanced Sexual Techniques, How To Talk Dirty, How To Position Yourself In Front Of the Camera, etc.

Of course, the interesting gimmick moulded around it is that the whole process will be filmed unscripted and aired as a reality show. The intake rate seems Ivy-level hard, you guys—only 14 women and 7 men will finally make the cut.

What the 'Italian Stallion' (yes, that is his nickname indeed) has said on the subject presents a hmmm-worthy perspective. "Sex has become much more complex. Today, sex is a lot more complicated than it was before – there is a whole new world to learn and teach," he said recently, in a magazine interview.

We stumbled upon what seems to be a promotional video for the Academy…

[youtube ]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e4XtME6fCWc&feature=player_embedded[/youtube]

​Apparently, Siffredi has already received thousands of applications for the courses, and giving a screen test is also an integral part of the selection process. Siffredi, who himself has starred in over a 1,000 pornographic films, feels the needs to spread his know-how to aspiring actors hoping to follow the same trajectory. In the same interview, he said "I want to share my world of work with people. Humility and irony are key principles – you can't be a porn star and take yourself seriously."

The reality show part is apparently going to broadcast on Italian network La5.