14 Times Bollywood Taught Us Some GENIUS Life Hacks!

Everything from making bae fall in love with you, to saving the world...




1) If you've JUST realized that the love of your life is leaving you forever, you can ignore any law and rush to the airport and stop their flight. Because #LoveWins. (you might get arrested after that, FYI)

2) Spontaneous synchronized dancing can​ solve any problem, from your love life to world peace.

3) If you want someone to fall in love with you, become friends with them. Because friendship is the first step to eternal love, and if you're friends then they're obligated to love you back.

4) You can study forever and learn everything there is to know about rocket science and moons of Jupiter, but unless you wear glasses and have your hair neatly parted, you cannot be considered a nerd.

5) If you ride enough trains, you will find Shahrukh Khan dancing on top. For real.

6) Another way to make a guy fall in love with you is to wear chiffon dupattas and leave your hair open in strong winds.

7) If you're a Pakistani kid and somehow you get lost in India,Salman Khan will personally escort you back home. (This might be a little too specific)

8) If you want to appear sweet and innocent, take a farm animal, preferably a baby animal, and play with it. For added measure, you can pick it up and twirl it around too.

9) If you want to tell the world that you're pregnant, and don't know how, then just demand green mangoes and you're set.

10) If you botch emergency rescue operations, then Shahrukh Khan will take you on a guided tour of his village and sing a song with you.

11) If you want bae to notice you, then you HAVE to harass them regularly and diligently.

12) No advanced super technology or medicine can save you better (and faster) than the scream of your mother being tortured by your enemy.

13) You can't feel cold or warm or anything if you're in love. Seriously. You can dance around half naked in the Swiss Alps and not feel a thing. True love makes you numb.

14) Knowing traditional hindi songs and bhajans is very useful in the event of facing bullies.