This Video May Just Have Found a Solution to Stop the Sexual Harassment of Women in India

And all you need to do is tell a story.




​Take any city, and I do mean any city, in India and you'll find that there are numerous cases of rape, sexual harassment, catcalling; the list just goes on. But on December 16, 2012, when a young girl was brutally raped and tortured in a moving bus in Delhi, the country was in shock.

What followed were a series of protests, accelerated legal action, attention from the international media, candle marches, and what not. That was three years ago. Today, nothing seems to have changed. There's always a rape story in some part of the country, there's always news of some girl being abducted, and a day doesn't go by when you don't have to put up with men leching at you, or passing lewd remarks.

So, it goes without saying, that there have been numerous campaigns, protests, and initiatives to change the mindset of society, of men. And this video by Breakthrough TV is another attempt at the same, but there's just one thing that's different.

This time the message is for men.

The video starts with a young boy throwing flowers at a girl from the balcony of his house. When the girl turns around, the boy ducks. Then just as he's gearing up to aim for someone else, his mother walks in. The boy immediately straightens up. What the mother does next is really inspiring. Check it out:

[youtube ]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BautGoiUIKA[/youtube]

It's a simple solution. Start a dialogue with your sons, confide in them. When they understand the pain and the hurt you went through, they wouldn't dare inflict the same on other women. Mothers need to teach their sons, sisters needs to teach their brothers, wives need to tell their husbands, and hopefully, in due time, we would have managed to sensitize every man out there.

It's time women broke the silence and spoke up. Time to #shareyourstory!