The NY Times Just Published Another Cartoon About India

And it's not pretty!




​Last week was extremely crucial for us, for the world. The 2015 United Nations Climate Summit took place in Paris; fresh after terrorist attacks that shook the French capital to the bone. And is terrorism wasn't enough of a crisis to deal with; the talks in Paris didn't go according to plan. Not entirely at least.

Now, here's the gist. The United States of America, China, and India, happen to be the largest emitters of destructive greenhouse gases. So it's obvious that they'll have the largest impact on climate change. And last month, when US President Barack Obama and Chinese leader Xi Jinping pledged to drastically reduce carbon emissions and increase the use of non-fossil fuels, the stage was set for the Paris talks. But India still had to respond.

Now, Prime Minister Narendra Modi's standing is pretty clear. India will not agree to blanket restrictions on carbon emissions because we're still a developing country. In other words, considering developed countries like the U.S. have been burning fossil fuel for decades, he believes it's only fair that they first reduce their emissions and provide enough carbon space for developing countries like India to grow.

And of course, just as he finished, there were people who weren't very happy. That's when the New York Times released this cartoon.

The cartoon shows a coal engine named "Paris Climate Summit" being stopped mid-track by an elephant that says "India". Oh, and did I mention, the elephant has a wonky eye? God knows what that means.

This is despite the fact that the New York Times had to issue a public apology only two months ago for another cartoon that had racist undertones. Check it out.

A rural man holding a cow? Really? Couldn't they find a better stereotype?

The fact remains that something needs to be done. And we've reached a point where everyone can't be happy. But we need to power through, and make sure we find a solution. Otherwise it's a only matter of time before the situation worsens.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to turn on the air purifier.