A Smart Shower That Can Track Your Water Consumption?

Yes, please!




​We love technology, and even more so when it can help us be more eco-friendly. And now you can actually save water as you shower with a really cool smart showerhead. Sounds unrealistic, right?

A brand called Hydrao has launched a Smart Shower with in-build LED lights that'll turn on depending on the water consumption. According to a study, a 10-minute shower can take up about 50 gallons of water. And low-flow shower head can cut it to half.

That's simple, educative and ecological. The Smart Shower keeps a track of the same quite effectively—the LED light will turn green when 10 liters of water consumed; when you use more than 10 liters of water, it will turn blue and when you consume more than 50 liters of water, it turn red to alert. It's a first of its kind and doesn't even consume any energy in the process.

The Smart Shower works with an app (it can be connected to an iPhone and an iPad) and you can set your own three levels to track and manage the water usage.