So Science Has Proof Now That Dogs Love Us More Than Cats...

Can't say we're VERY surprised!




Confirming what we already know in the deepest of our​ cat-loving hearts, a research has stated that dogs love humans five times more than cats.

Researchers tested the oxytocin levels of 10 dogs and 10 cats, before and after the've spent time with their owners. Oxytocin, or as it's more commonly known as the 'love hormone', is the hormone that is released when a mother bonds with her new born baby. The oxytocin levels in both the cases were higher after they've spent time with their owners, but dogs had five times higher levels than cats! The doctors were pleasantly surprised that cats even produced oxytocin at all and showed signs of bonding with owners at least some of the times!

The researchers also noted that dogs tend to love us more when we love each other.  The levels of oxytocin increases when a human sees its spouse or child by about 40-60%!