So THIS is the Most Addictive Food in the World!

We're not really that surprised TBH.





It's PIZZA! *gasp*

Yes, pizza has been declared the most addictive food, according to a research

The research was conducted to find out which foods could be classified as being addictive despite their apparent negative consequences, and not surprisingly, pizza came out on top of the list.

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"We propose that highly processed foods share pharmacokinetic properties (e.g. concentrated dose, rapid rate of absorption) with drugs of abuse, due to the addition of fat and/or refined carbohydrates and the rapid rate the refined carbohydrates are absorbed into the system," the objective of the research states. 

But there are a few limitations to this research too. As pointed out here, the survey was conducted amongst 500 college students, whose diet mainly consists of pizza, amongst other junk foods, so their responses cannot be relied to be 100% conclusive, and it was also a self-reporting study.

But while we need no research to tell us that we're totally addicted to pizza, this does put things in perspective. 

To the salad bar!