So There's a Castle That's Made Entirely Out of Cake...Yes, CAKE!

Like legit sugar-frosting-and-everything nice-cake cake!




If you thought that houses, nay castles, made of cake only exist in fairy tales involving precocious kids and evil witches then think again!

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There is a castle made ENTIRELY out of cake existing in this world RN​.

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The Think Tank Gallery in Los Angeles has been converted into a 7,500 square-feet art installation made out of sugar, frosting and unicorn tears (one of those ingredients may not be real). 

The 'castle' consists of six rooms, an ice-cream truck and a chandelier made from over 2,000 hard candies! 

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According to the description on the website of Scott Hove, who co-created this candy heaven with artist Baker's Son​, this exhibition 'addresses our notions of comfort, pleasure, celebration and their dark counterparts in the form of carefully crafted artificial cakes. Intended to at once attract and repel, each of my cakes and installations will engage the viewer's emotions with a sense of imminent beauty and satisfaction, quickly followed with impending threat.​'

The only threat we see is the threat of us breaking down in tears because the actual walls of the castle are NOT made out of cake, but are covered entirely with frosting.

So, in the wise words of Liz Lemon: