14 TV Female Characters That are the BEST!

Two Cosmo writers discuss them, make each other laugh MADLY—but they might be the ONLY ones...




Disclaimers: All views expressed in this article are meant in good humour—and all the characters included are from a selection of shows we've BOTH seen (Because no, Saumyaa doesn't really know ​who Jessica Jones is, and Salva hasn't ever watched Seinfeld, because, yes, seriously. Noone was harmed in the making of this list, but almost, when Salva mentioned not 'really having seen'  Sex And The City. And she calls herself a Cosmo girl. Just saying.

​Liz Lemon (30 Rock)

Salva: Her feelings on food should be published. It's the one relationship she's had that's stuck with me the most.

Saumyaa: ​It should've been called Liz Lemon Rock. ZZZ. 

Daenerys Targaryen​ (Game Of Thrones)

Salva: I don't want to come off as a snob, but I've read ALL the books (so I'm obviously better than you) but she's barely 13 in the books and that kind of freaks me out. Because...

Saumyaa: I mostly remember hair. And thinking why isn't it me that's making Khal Drogo feel the feels. 

Salva: But she has dragons.

Saumyaa: So she's awesome.

Shoshanna Shapiro​ (Girls)

Saumyaa: Ohmygod, like, Shoshannaisjustsomuchfun, like, ilovethatsheneverneedstobreathebetweenwords, and like, herhairisalwaysinsomesortofstrangebun, and like, andherdresseslooklikeshestolethemoffacountryhouseBarbie.

Salva: What?

Blair Waldorf​ (Gossip Girl)

Salva: All my life goals will be achieved if I learn to insult people as efficiently as Blair Waldorf.

Saumyaa: Also, when I can wear hairbands and not look like a lost 7 year old at a toy shop. 

Salva: Really? I look like a creepy 70-year-old who is trying to pass off as a 20 year old.

Saumyaa: 70 is the new 20. 

Lisa Cuddy​ (House MD)

Salva: OH GOD! HER POWER SUITS. I have too many emotions.

Saumyaa: Plus, she sleeps with House. Ten Points to Gryffindor.

Lucille Bluth (Arrested Development)

Saumyaa: All I want in life is to be rich for no reason. Ooh, and to have a bob, a dysfunctional relationship with my mildly retarded son, and a drink in my hand at all times. 

Salva: Is there such a things as #GrowingOldGoals? 

Saumyaa: Yes, it's called #BluthGoals

Kate Beckett (Castle)

Salva: She got progressively less cool as the show went on, though

Saumyaa: Because she fell in love

Salva: And her hair grew

Saumyaa: But also, hot cop. So points.

Salva: 'Nuff said.

Kelly Bailey (Misfits)

Salva: It's embarrassing to admit for just how long I tried to speak like Kelly. It also might be why I had no friends in school.

Saumyaa: Um, yeah. She was the reason I had to turn on subtitles. 

Joan Holloway​ (Mad Men)

Saumyaa: I will never feel adequate in a red dress again. Also, she's probably not suitable for children-related viewing, because I have never wanted to smoke so much. 

Salva: For the longest time I thought that that's how offices worked and that was how you were supposed to behave. I don't know if this is a pleasant or a sad revelation.

Saumyaa: I can't smoke because I'm asthmatic. But we CAN die our hair red...

Salva: #SaturdayNightPlans

Leslie Knope (Parks and Recreation)

Salva: Leslie's love for waffles gives me hope that there is true love in the world...

Saumyaa: So I've never watched the show. I just lied to sound cool.

Salva: *typing from the floor. Have fallen down from SHOCK and LIES*...Trust..issues...coming...back...

Saumyaa: I've never watched Game of Thrones either.

Saumyaa: Lollz, kidding.

Saumyaa: Salva? *is she breathing*

Red (Orange Is the New Black)

Salva: She's also in my list of #GrowingOldGoals...also if (when?) I go to prison, I kinda want to be under her protection.

Saumyaa: I just think that if I ran a kitchen, I would be fatter. But also, she's Russian and has space in her cleavage for hammers and cigarettes. #LifeGoals

Mindy Lahiri (The Mindy Project)

Saumyaa: She's my favourite squeaky person since Minnie Mouse. Ooh, imagine the hybrid. The Adventures Of Mindy Mouse. 

Salva: Also, Minnie Mouse would get some, like, legit ~*slaying*~ points...is that a thing? 

Saumyaa: What would those adventures be...?

Salva: We have a list to finish.

Saumyaa: There could be a list-finishing episode. *notes*

Rose (Two and a Half Men)

Salva:  She taught me that it's not stalking when you're in love. Also, the reason I had no friends in school. JK...*sniggers nervously*

Saumyaa: If staging a full wedding with mannequins (to Manny Quinn) to get a man to propose isn't love, WHAT is? 

Lily Tucker-Pritchett (Modern Family)

Salva: Is it wrong that I want to be like a 10-year-old when I grow up?

Saumyaa: If ever there was a human epitomization of *drops mic*, it would by Lily Tucker-Pritchett.