Top Indian #GirlBosses Reveal How They Make Time for Themselves!

We got the go-getting superwomen to spill the beans on how they stay motivated...always.

​Who doesn't need career inspo, right? Even women who seem like they're powering through deadlines sometimes need to stop and catch their breath. That's why we got some inspirational women together to give us an insight on how to take out a moment for themselves to propel their career forward with double force.

Medha Khosla, Creative Director, Anomaly : "It's a constant challenge, but making to-do lists helps me stay organised and find the much needed time for myself. Also, one can't possibly do everything themselves, so I believe in delegating tasks, which not only helps in getting work done faster but also gives everyone time to themselves."

Neha Singh, Co-Founder, Cord: "It might sound weird but long drives to work is the best 'me time' I get in a day! I read, listen to music, watch videos, or sometimes just gaze outside the window and appreciate life! Being in a city like Delhi, getting stuck in traffic is a routine and I use that time effectively for myself."

Mitali Wadhwa, Co-Founder, The Pink Post Inc: "After every event, I try and take a holiday...could be a short weekend getaway for a long vacay depending on how much time we have. I helps me keep my sanity!"

Sharnamli Mehra Adhar, Co-Founder The Pink Post Inc.: "Taking care of yourself is as important as working hard for a successful girl boss! And nothing relaxes me better than retail therapy. Am also a spa-o-holic and try and go for it whenever I can for instant rejuvenation after a hectic show or gruelling work days."

Archana Jain, Founder, PR Pundit: "No matter how good you are at your job, it's important to pursue another passion or some sort of interest outside of work. Otherwise, you'll become dull. I really enjoy gardening and I used to pottery as well. And whenever I can, I travel—it really opens up my mind and helps me reflect on things. Sometimes, it's important to pause for a moment, take a break from your mundane routine, and just observe."

Vidhi Gupta, Co-Founder, Zariin: "For me unwinding means getting away—even if it's just for the weekend. Nothing better than shutting off everything, and just spoil myself with food and spa. I try to cook on a regular basis as I find it very therapeutic."

Mamta Gupta, Co-Founder, Zariin: "For me, it's always a race against time, as a I am also a mom, and my son is only 7. Having said that, it is imperative to make the me-time happen. Not much of a couch potato, I find being outdoors the best way to unwind. I run, bike or play tennis. I play football with my son, or climb a rock wall with him, as often as his and my schedule permits. I have so far succeeded at taking a month-long break from work every year to travel!"