This ADORABLE (and Hilarious) Makeover Video Will Chase Away All Your Monday Blues!

Watch this 6-year-old give his mom a makeover (including 'chin blush' and Kylie Jenner lips!)

What happens when you give a 6-year-old free reign on your make-up bag AND your face, and film it?

Incredible cuteness, that is!

When Reddit user apclpsmww​'s son decided that he wanted to film a make-up tutorial, she let him give her a makeover, and the results were as adorable as you can expect!

While we're still not completely brave enough to try the 'half bottle highlighter on cheeks blended with an eyeshadow brush' trick that 6-year-old Noah uses, we're definitely going to try the 'chin blush' mainly because it looked grool! (In case you haven't seen Mean Girls, then go see it. It's gold.)

Watch Noah, and his younger brother Ben (who keeps assuring his mother that they're going to make her beautiful) give one of the best makeovers we've seen in a long time!

PS: Do NOT miss the genius tip to get Kylie Jenner lips!

[youtube ]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-1F7sUpZFkc[/youtube]