This Unseen Friends Blooper Has us in Stitches

Prepare to laugh along with your six favourite pals.




Today marks 12 years since the day that the last ever Friends episode aired - leaving us all heartbroken that we'd never see our six favourites come together again for a quick brew at Central Perk. 

With numerous (and sadly untrue) rumours that the cast are getting back together, we're still in desperate need to get our Friends fix. And so, we were delighted when we stumbled across this hilarious unseen blooper from the show.

The clip shows David Schwimmer attempting to play the bagpipes. Smelly Catsensation Lisa Kudrow then tries to sing along but their co-stars end up in fits of laughter. 

As if that wasn't enough, Matthew Perry ends the clip by imitating Lisa's screeching. Prepare for your sides to split…

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