You'll Love This Video of Mr Gay India Answering Silly Homophobic Questions...

...just trust us. And if you're homophobic, DO NOT CLICK!

Being in a country like India there is no dearth of homophobic people...people who think being gay is a disease and can be cured by medication (remember Baba Ramdev?). And to combat such notions and set the record straight (by way of humour, though) the Gaysi Family on YouTube posted this hilarious video featuring Anwesh Kumar Sahoo, Mr Gay India 2016, taking jibes at people who ask gay men crazy questions about well, being gay! 

The two-minute video is witty and crisp, and brings to light the perpetual struggle of the gay community. It's definitely worth a watch. 

Here's the video:    

[youtube ]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CEZ1qc8wQqM[/youtube]