14 Things You Only Know if You're Secretly a Bad Friend

#sorrynotsorry is practically your life motto.




1. You consider watching the next ep of Suits when your friend's party started over half an hour ago. Honestly, who could blame you? Harvey Specter is EVERYTHING <33

2. You deliberately don't open FB messages when you know the message is going to be a rant or lengthy whinge, 'cause you just CBF.

3. You've lied to get out of parties more times than you can remember.

4. You're ALWAYS late. When the choice was 'straighten hair to perfection' or 'rock up the lunch bang on midday', there was never really a question.

5. #sorrynotsorry is practically your life motto.

6. You're seriously pissed when friends copy you. 'Highest form of flattery', my ass. Bitch stole your look.

7. You literally never click 'attending' on events straight away. It's entirely possible you might get a better offer and you don't want to be pinned down (even if it is your bestie's bday). What if Bey announced a surprise Australian tour for the SAME NIGHT??

8. You're notoriously TERRIBLE at keeping secrets.

9. When they're going through a breakup, you care for about 2 days. After that, you DGAF.

10. When times get tough, you've seriously considered 'letting them all go'. After all, being friends with you is a privilege, not a right.

11. You say you don't judge your friends' life choices, but you TOTALLY do.

12. You're flaky AF.

13. You're last in your friend group to download Uber. Why bother when everyone else just sorted that shiz out for you anyway?

14. You're crap at paying people back, or returning clothes you promised you'd return​.