Comedian Vasu Primlani on What Feminism Means to Her

"I've always believed that women have harder lives than men"




"I've always believed that women have harder lives than men, they work harder than men and they're not given the recognition they get for doing the same things. A feminist is simply a man or a woman who stands up for the equal rights of women. Indian men are far more patriarchal than most other men—less in touch with women, less sensitive. They need to start thinking of women as on par with them, not commodities they own. We're fighting on so many levels today—personally, professionally, in our homes. One of my friends is a famous Bharatnatyam dance, and she says, 'I'm a master in my field but I'll never get the respect that a male dancer of my stature would'. Feminism is the hope that we can change that."

Pumps: Christian Louboutin, skirt: koovs.com, Photographs: Mehtab Mann, Styling: Zunaili Malik