Wine Ice Cream is a Thing and We Need it in Our Lives

A dessert or a drink? Who knows and who cares…

​True story: both wine and ice cream make life better. And life is about to get INSANELY GOOD, if this new invention is anything to go by.

The genius bods at Crossroad Company evidently know us better than we know ourselves, since they created something called "Winecream" - basically wine ice cream. The family-run US company create "super-charged wine" (we're already sold), which they then blast with liquid nitrogen to flash-freeze it into ice cream form.

And before you ask: it's likely to have the same effect as your usual wine will. A bowl contains 10% alcohol, which is around the same as a glass of the good stuff.

The only downside? As of yet, Crossroad Company only have plans to sell the ice cream in America. But we're quietly confident that winecream will prove to be such a hit that it'll make its way across the Atlantic and into our waiting arms. Maybe.

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The way we see it, it's twice the treats with half the calories (probs not but a girl can dream).