8 Surprising Signs You're Dehydrated

Blurred vision!

1. You're in a bad mood

'Hanger' (being angry when you're hungry) is no joke, and the same thing happens when you need water. When you're dehydrated, you're more prone to irritability, fatigue, and mood changes.

2. You have bad breath

Don't be so quick to blame your bad breath on onions and garlic - dehydration can minimise your saliva production, causing bacteria overgrowth and therefore, bad breath.

3. Your muscles are cramping

Muscles can seize up from heat, so if you aren't getting enough water, you could experience camping.

4. You crave sweets

PMS isn't the only thing that'll have you reaching for the nearest packet of Skittles, if you're suddenly craving sweets like nobody's business, you could be dehydrated. Without enough water, your body can have difficulty with glycogen production, sparking those cravings.

5. Your workout sucked

Having trouble completing your standard workout? That doesn't necessarily mean you're out of shape. Dehydration reduces blood pressure, which causes the heart to work harder and can there decrease exercise capacity. 

6. You fail the 'pinch test' 

Dry skin is an obvious sign, but a better way to know if you're dehydrated is to perform the pinch test. When you're dehydrated, your skin lacks elasticity, so pinch your skin, and if it appears thin and doesn't bounce back onto your body quickly, you're probably dehydrated.

7. You have blurred vision

When you don't have enough fluid in your body, your eyes can become dry and your vision can blur. If you're experiencing blurred vision, definitely avoid driving or doing anything that could cause you serious harm, and amp up your water intake. 

8. You can't cry

If you're crying and little to no tears come out, it could be a sign your body is seriously lacking water.