This is the Perfect Age to Get Married, As Per Research

Did you get married at this age?




It's not that any of us need to achieve things by a strict age or they become entirely worthless (remember: an accomplishment is still accomplished if you do it after 30), but it's nice to have a loose timeline. And if we're making that loose timeline, we'd better make sure that every age on there has been chosen correctly for maximum happiness.

We're just being efficient, you know? A recent study from the University of Utah revealed that the best time to get married is when you're between the ages of 28 and 32. Couples who got married in this age range were found to be less likely to get divorced in the first five years after the wedding.

On a graph, the likelihood of divorce based on age is essentially an upside down curve. The odds of divorce decline as you get older than 15 - which makes sense, as few marriages that are formed as teenagers end up lasting - then the odds move back up as you pass the age of 32.

For each year after 32, the chance of divorce goes up by about 5%.This may be because if you're settling down at 32, you may have been single for a while and settled in certain single behaviour, making it harder for a marriage to work.

Of course, this is one study of statistical trends. While you're more likely to have a successful marriage if you tie the knot in your late twenties/early thirties, there are plenty of couples who married earlier or later and stay together.

So really, no pressure. Everything's going to be fine.