5 ways to take self-pleasure to the next level

Treat it like a quest rather than a race!

01 November, 2023
5 ways to take self-pleasure to the next level

Masturbation is a subject that still causes most adults to blush or raise their eyebrows. But it’s one of our favourite subjects to talk about because let's face it, no one does us better than we do ourselves. When it comes to self-pleasure, there is no right or wrong way (as long as you are informed and careful). You can keep it simple by using your fingers or make it a whole grand affair with accessories and toys. In fact, you can also involve your partner for an intense session of mutual masturbation. The sky is the limit when it comes to this form of ‘me time’. 

The benefits of masturbation go beyond a mere orgasm. It helps us release sexual tension and get to know our bodies and our fantasies better. So, whether you’ve been pleasuring yourself for years or are just a newbie, here are some ways to take your experience to the next level! 

First things first, relax  

Any sex, even if it’s just with yourself, can only be mind-blowing if you’re present in the moment or whatever it is you are fantasising about. If you’re worried about your long task list or anything else, the outcome won’t be worth the effort. So, the first step is to get yourself relaxed, calm and ready to go on this explorative journey.  

We get it, this is actually the hardest step. It’s not as easy as it sounds to toss your phone aside and just focus on yourself. And if you’re having an exceptionally hard time connecting with yourself because you are stressing or overthinking, we recommend trying some basic breathing exercises. It can take some time to get yourself in the mood but trust us, once you try this mindful masturbation approach, you won’t want it any other way! 

Set the scene  

If your partner was coming over for a night of some raunchy fun, would you invite them into a messy bedroom while you’re in a torn and stained T-shirt? No, you would clean, get some mood lighting going, light a bunch of candles and put on your sexiest lingerie set. So, why should your time with yourself be any different? Setting the scene beforehand is the best way of getting in a pleasure mindset which makes your big O even bigger. So, get comfortable and seduce yourself! 

Toys are your friend  

We know by now that there are numerous ways to stimulate a woman’s body. From the clit, nipples, and the grand opening to the anus (if that’s your thing), our anatomy is a maze just waiting to be figured out. And while you can DIY it perfectly well, a toy is a wonderful tool to throw in the mix. If you are a vibrator virgin it can be intimidating. In that case, we suggest starting off with a simple suction one and going from there, depending on what you like.  

Try edging  

Getting yourself to climax doesn’t have to be a quickie. Instead, enjoy your body through the edging technique. This basically includes stimulating yourself and building up the tension until you reach your tipping point and then stopping right before the climax. When you finally let yourself over the edge, your orgasm will be more intense and powerful. Edging also allows you to focus on the pleasure and enjoy it fully rather than merely chasing orgasms. It may take a few tries and there may be a learning curve when you attempt edging for the first time, but when you get a hang of the technique, it’ll all be worth it, trust us. 

Take your time    

Just like couple sex, the highlight of a solo session is not the climax. Of course, the orgasm is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow but the point is to bask in all the colours. So, don’t rush to skip ahead because then you won’t be able to enjoy yourself. It’s not a fastest-fingers-first competition. Take your time to really get to know your body and stimulate yourself the way you like it.