Flirt like a pro with TikTok’s hot new ‘Triangle Method’

Here’s everything you should know about the practice.

19 November, 2023
Flirt like a pro with TikTok’s hot new ‘Triangle Method’

As they say,”‘Flirting is an art”, and while a few people are blessed with the natural charm, it’s a skill that can be mastered with practice. While we all know some traditional techniques of flirting like playing with your hair, laughing at their jokes, and nodding while they talk among others, the dynamic landscape of modern-day dating calls for innovative approaches to flirting. Explore the fascinating new addition to the contemporary dating scene with TikTok’s ‘Triangle Method’. This method is also known as the ‘Golden Triangle Method’ or ‘Triangular Gazing’.

Despite some TikTok users being quick to point out that this is an age-old technique of flirting and is not entirely new, this approach has gained substantial popularity among GenZs-the #thetrianglemethod has crossed ten million views on TikTok! So, let’s gain a better understanding of the ‘Triangle Method’ and uncover some key tips to master this technique.

What is the ‘Triangle Method’?

The ‘Triangle Method’ is the newest technique of flirting in which, you are first supposed to look at one eye of the person, then shift your focus on their mouth, and then quickly look at their other eye. This creates an inverted triangle shape on the face and hence explains why it is called the ‘Triangle Method’. The goal here is to signal them that you’re attracted to them and create an anticipation for a kiss. The success of this technique depends on whether that person is attracted to you. If they are, they will most likely reciprocate the gesture and might lean in for a kiss.

This non-verbal way of communication is considered to be an effective method by many TikTok users, especially by those who want to ditch the traditional approach to flirting. It is a playful yet impactful way of conveying your romantic interest. So, for those who are inclined to the unconventional approach, the ‘Triangle Method’ will definitely open new possibilities to form connections.

Tips to make this technique work

Now that you know what the Ttriangle Method’ is, let’s go through some tips which will help you make this non-verbal flirting technique work.

Start with a conversation
You cannot directly look into their eyes and at their lips when you meet them. This should be timed properly. Firstly, try to make them comfortable by starting a conversation. Keep the interaction light and natural. Once they seem engaged in talking, you can use this technique.

Do it subtly

The key to make this technique work is to execute it subtly, ensuring that your actions don’t come across as creepy or unsettling. Also, try not to make it obvious. Here your body language will come into play. Make sure your posture is proper, gestures are appropriate, and facial expressions are genuine in order to convey your interest in them. 

Don’t make them nervous 

While you subtly alternate between looking at their eyes and mouth, you need to make sure that you’re doing it quickly. Avoid making prolonged eye contact as not a lot of people find it comforting. Also, excessive focus on their lips will make them conscious. Keep in mind, the aim is to create a relaxed atmosphere and the last thing you want to do is to make them self-conscious and nervous.

Don’t stress yourself 

As much as you don’t want to make them nervous, it’s equally important to keep yourself calm and not stress out. This technique is supposed to up your flirting game, but if you are not feeling confident, then there’s a possibility that this will not work and worse, you will leave a bad impression on them. So rather than getting caught up in the technicalities, just be confident and above all, be authentic, because there’s nothing more attractive than being true to yourself. 

Practice it beforehand 

If you still feel nervous about this whole thing, practicing it in front of a mirror might be helpful. Don’t solely focus on getting it right as there’s a chance your movements might look mechanical. So, try to keep them as natural and effortless as you can. Consistent rehearsals will familiarise you with the movements and boost your confidence.


In the end, TikTok’s ‘Triangle Method’ is considered as a good flirting technique and it might help you create a level of intimacy with the person. This non-verbal way of communication will surely help those who get very nervous around the person they like and find it difficult to express their feelings.

You just need to make sure you’re confident while subtly executing these movements. Also, it’s essential to acknowledge that it may or may not work. Regardless, authenticity is undeniably attractive. So, while embracing the ‘Triangle Method’ don’t forget to be your true self and enjoy the process.