Here’s what you need to know about Val-Core dating

Being on the same page and sharing same values is a direct right swipe.

24 March, 2024
Here’s what you need to know about Val-Core dating

The man who runs away from commitment falls in love with the hopeless romantic; the life of the party falls in love with the shy girl; the carefree wanderer and the ambitious over-achiever—we’ve read countless romance novels, and blushed as we watched a sappy rom-com with the overdone trope of ”opposites attract,” and wondered if the person we end up with will be nothing like us. With life being unpredictable and love being just around the corner (or a right swipe away) there is an equal chance of you matching with someone who shares the same values as you. According to Bumble’s annual dating report for 2024, there is a major green flag. 

Welcome to the world of Val-Core dating, where people, who are on the lookout for their special someone, are going a step forward to make sure they have shared priorities and that they care about the same causes.

According to a study commissioned by Bumble and conducted by Censuswide in November 2023, involving over 2,000 Indians aged 18-40 across 10 cities, singles today seek partners with shared priorities who not only care about social causes but also actively engage in them.


The issues that matter to today’s young generation

According to the report, 69% of the Indians surveyed are more attracted to someone who actively engages in societal issues and votes. This is also relevant for over half (66%) of the LGBTQIA+ daters surveyed. In pursuit of deeper connections, exercising one’s fundamental right to vote is a green flag for Indians. A whopping 77% of Indians surveyed, find a partner who is a voter attractive and 20% say that it was a major turn-off for them if the other person did not have an opinion on key social and political issues. 

The ballot box has a discerning role in dating and relationships in India. Especially for the ladies, as 50% of the women respondents said that it is important for them to talk about key social issues while getting to know someone romantically to gauge compatibility. Another classic example of value-based dating is green dating—where people look to date a person who is eco-conscious and is on the same page as them with respect to global warming and climate change. 

The importance of social causes and values transcends generations, challenging the notion that young Indians are indifferent to social causes or one’s political leanings. When it comes to dating, Bumble’s research shows that the most important social cause that Indians want their partners to engage with is human rights issues (64%). 46% of Gen Z surveyed believe political affiliations or views are more important for their generation than the previous ones or even their parents' generations. More Indian Gen Z (15%) than Millennials (12%) surveyed say they will not date someone who doesn't vote.

Here’s why sharing common values is a good thing

Every relationship will go through its ups and down’s with there being situations where the couple ends up compromising. That said, compromising on fundamental values is a major red flag that could prove detrimental to the relationship. There are a host of reasons why sharing the same values with a partner helps build a healthy long-term relationship. For starters, it helps resolve conflict better when you two argue the shared values keeps the two grounded. This makes it simpler for both parties to actively listen to each other, talk about it, and come out with a healthy solution. Aligning with their beliefs is a major green flag and a strong indicator of respecting each other. This is something that is only going to make communication easier. Lastly, having shared values equates to having a shared vision where the best way to live your life is how the other person does too. 

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