How to have hot steamy sex in the spooning position

It's intimate and super sexy!

10 November, 2023
How to have hot steamy sex in the spooning position

When it comes to sex positions, the missionary has the rep of being vanilla but romantic. The doggy has a rep for being adventurous and wild. On the other hand, the spooning position often gets dismissed as one to rather cuddle in. Many people either don't know how to get it right or they don't know it can be wildly fun to get it on with bae. This position ensures some of the most intimate sex you will ever have. Think about it— you’re all wrapped up in your partner's arms, and you can feel every thrust and every sensation.  

There is a catch though—for spooning sex to become spicier, you need to throw in some bells and whistles (not literally, of course). We’ve listed down a few steps through which you can elevate your spooning sex and turn it into a toe-curling experience. 

Get your partner to put their hands and mouth to good use 

The advantage spooning sex has over all those other “bendy” positions is that it allows the hands and mouth to roam free. You could get your partner to kiss your neck, and back, play with your boobs, squeeze your hips and of course make their way down to the little nub that holds the key to the treasure (the clit, duh!). All this while you feel the sensation of each thrust, making it a total sensory delight! 

Get adventurous  

Having to lie down and not move around much or expense a huge amount of energy is half the reason spooning sex is such a cult favourite. You could keep things interesting by changing the position of your legs (lie on your back and put them across your partner, raise them towards the ceiling, raise your knees etc). You can also add a clit-stimulating vibrator into the mix. Not to mention that it’s also an ideal position for some BDSM-esque friskiness. We are talking— hair pulling, blindfolds, handcuffs, choking and whatever else works for you. It will give the spooning position more depth, bringing you multiple red-hot orgasms! 

Use lube  

Considering spooning sex most usually happens in the morning or right before you’re about to konk off in the night (basically when you don’t have energy left), it’s possible that you’re a little extra tight and not so naturally wet. In cases like these, lube it up! However, lube isn't just for times when you need a little assistance with wetness down there. It gives you a tingling sensation and is known to make you feel things a little more intensely.

Dirty, dirty talk  

As we’ve established above, the spooning sex position has numerous benefits. And one of those benefits is that it gives both of you ample space for dirty talk. Put your lips to your partner's ears and whisper sweet-erotic nothings. Describe your filthiest fantasy while you feel every thrust and feel them going from merely turned on to over the edge!  

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