Tips and positions for quiet sex that are hot as hell

Get it on without making a sound.

08 January, 2024
Tips and positions for quiet sex that are hot as hell

If you live with your parents, a flatmate, or are a guest in someone else’s house, the sound of you and your partner getting down and dirty, is the last thing you want them to hear. Be as it may, that shouldn't stop you from having sex. When it comes to keeping sex on the down low, there are a ton of positions that can help both of you get it on without holding back. Come to think of it, the need to hold things back can be extremely sexy. Here are some handy tips that’ll help. 

Do it when people are fast asleep

Your hot and steamy session is less likely to wake people up if you’re doing it in the middle of the night or the early hours of the morning. 

Ditch the bed

Your bed is often the primary source of noise when you're having sex. And that is the last thing you want when you’ve got people in the other room. In such situations, it is best to do it on the floor to avoid those squeaky mattress springs and creaking bedframes. We know it's not the most comfortable situation, but throw in a blanket or pillows, and you're in for a smooth ride.

Cancel the noise, with noise

No one can hear you moan if there's another loud sound in your room. We're talking about music! It's why humans invented music (it’s a good reason). Playing something on your TV, speakers, or phone is a great way to distract everyone from what’s actually going on in the room. That said, you’d still want to be a little quiet. 

Breathe through your nose

Inhaling and exhaling through your nose is much quieter than from your mouth. By taking deep breaths—activating the diaphragm, abdomen, and pelvic floor—you’ll feel an increased sensation that only makes the sex better.

Kiss more

Studies have found that the simple act of kissing is an essential part of a happy, long-term relationship and that passionate kissing is a good indicator of happiness in a relationship. (Also read: How to improve your kissing game to enhance your relationship)

Don’t give the act of sex too much importance

At the end of the day, it’s all about the intimacy you seek with your partner. And foreplay is the best way to add to the excitement with mutual masturbation, oral sex, face sitting, or the good old-fashioned 69 position (no one makes a sound here, *wink wink*). 

Silent sex positions that are maximum pleasure at minimum volume


A position that’s quiet and comfortable. Both partners lie on their sides with the receiving partner having their back to the other. They then take their knees up to create an opening for the penetrating partner to enter. A major reason why this position is so good is because it also gives the penetrating partner the chance to touch the receiver’s erogenous zones—neck, breasts, clitoris, etc. 

Slow doggy

One partner stands on the floor with the other having their hands and knees at the edge of the bed. In addition to hitting all the right spots, this position also keeps things quiet as the standing partner controls the rocking of the bed with their feet planted firmly on the floor. It removes the force directed at the bed avoiding unnecessary furniture noise while giving the couple a host of options for pleasure.


It’s a position that’s popular primarily because it’s simple AF, not to mention, very easy to do quietly. The partner on the top has all the control over the tempo and intensity, grinding so close to each other that it doesn’t get loud at all. Plus it’s a position where you can easily cover each other’s mouth. 

Lazy man

The penetrating partner sits against a wall or headboard with their legs outstretched. The receiving partner straddles their legs and lowers themselves down as they keep their feet on the bed or the floor. This position works wonders as there is very little thrusting with a whole lot of eye contact. 

Squat kneeling

Here, the penetrating partner kneels on their knees while the receiver straddles them on top. Like the position above, there is very little thrusting. A handy tip here would be to use your shoulders for balance.