Your weekly tarot card reading, by Zodiac Sign

Our resident tarot expert Kerry Ward breaks down what’s in the cards for you this week.

16 January, 2024
Your weekly tarot card reading, by Zodiac Sign

You don't need to know the difference between a three-card and a Celtic cross spread to get the most out of a tarot card reading. All you need: your Sun sign! Here's what I do: Shuffle my tarot deck and pull out the cards in order from Aries to Pisces, plus one general card for everyone so that you can get specific advice around your personality. Let’s go!

A general card for everyone: The Hanged Man

hanged man

Time to make a sacrifice, step down from your pedestal, and change your mind. We all sometimes get stuck in a position, an opinion, or a behavior. The Hanged Man asks us all to gently acknowledge where we might be getting in our own way. (Alexa, play "Anti-Hero" by Taylor Swift.) It’s okay! It’s better to admit that you're missing things and adjust than to stay here, where you're stuck. Change your mind, change your actions, and move forward.

Aries: Eight of wands 

8 of wands

Time to chat, Aries! The Eight of Wands is a networking card that urges you to communicate, be visible, and socialize (like you need an excuse!). This is a week to be open to any and all invitations, information, and news that comes your way. Be at the centre of things and feel the optimistic energies and new vibes swirling all around. This week grants you so many more options, and you love to have options. Go find out what’s possible!

Taurus: Five of cups 

5 of cups

January can be a tough month, no question. It’s mid-winter, it's dark and cold, and the holiday season is over. Getting back to work takes effort and commitment. Keep going, Taurus! The Five of Cups sees you having an emotional moment this week, and maybe a few tears. Let it out! Don’t bottle up your feelings or try and push through them. They’re not permanent, it’s just a moment. Breathe through it. And keep going. You’re doing great.

Gemini: King of wands 

king of wands

Go explore, Gem! The King of Wands is exciting, inspiring, and full of mischief. He's ready to have fun and see new places, people, and opportunities. Make life happen. Be a catalyst. Use your imagination. Be bold. This tarot card is you all over! People need your vitality and imagination right now, so bring it all to the table. Share your magic with friends, family, colleagues, and beyond.

Cancer: Ace of wands 

ace of wands

Perhaps not a resolution, but you ARE ready to activate something new in your realm, Cancer, something positive and motivating and fresh. Something authentically ‘you’. The Ace of Wands is an invitation to activate a new and exciting activity- be this a course or workshop, a creative project, a lifestyle upgrade or routine, or even a travel or vacation ambition. Start working on it. Manifest it. Research and execute it. This is good for you, this brings the light into the darkness. This helps you get going in 2024 and fee0ingl like it’s going to bring new news to your world. Make sure it’s something fun and interesting, maybe something you tried before but never stuck. Now’s the time, Cancer.

Leo: The star

the star

A bright new hope enters your world in the form of The Star. Make a wish, Leo. The higher you aim, the better the outcome, so don’t hold back (not that you would). Although the year is only just beginning, The Star is a potent wish that grants you a heart’s desire. Set the foundations for 2024 by pursuing your biggest goal or dream *Now*. Why not? What are you waiting for? This is the time to ignite your ambitions and make 2024 the year you achieve your dreams. Go for it!

Virgo: Knight of wands 

knight of wands

Push yourself outside of your comfort zone this week, Virgo. Do something that thrills, scares, or challenges you, but also feels like an adventure. Make it active and spontaneous. This is a great way to lift your mood, set a new tone for the year, and have a blast with your besties. The Knight of Wands will bring you the courage, confidence, and determination you need.

Libra: Queen of pentacles 

queen of pentacles

Working hard is no problem to you, Libra, when the rewards are right. If it’s not feeling like that, then this is a good week to set that right. You need balance in life. You need a return on your investments. Ask for a raise, apply for a promotion, and try for more. Scale back your tasks if the support isn’t there and look around at other roles. You ARE the Queen of Pentacles—you have great value, and you require recognition and reward.

Scorpio: The magician

the magician

The Magician is my favourite card, so I am jealous of you this week, Scorpio! It represents creativity, talent, stepping into your own power, and realizing your unique ability. It also invites entrepreneurship, invention, and innovative ideas. You can literally make magic this week if you lean on your talent, believe in your power, and act. Step up and bring something new to the table. Don’t be passive; instead, be an active contributor. Success is waiting for you!

Sagittarius: The world 

the world

The World is the tarot’s final card. It's a very powerful one, and it shows that this could be a game-changing week for you. First, it can represent literal travel and movement. See the world, Sag! You are a born explorer. Want to travel or move? Activate that dream now. Secondly, it represents endings that lead to new beginnings. Look at what is reaching a natural conclusion in your life and figure out what might replace it. What’s next?

Capricorn: The sun 

the sun

This is the most positive card for the hardest-working, most deserving sign! The Sun brings blessings and joy, Cap, so get ready for a fantastic week ahead. Travel, vacation, fun, romance, success, new opportunity—all of this is in the cards. The key to getting these goodies is confidence. Have faith in yourself and reach out for what you truly want. Ask for what you want. Be proactive and you can achieve more than you think is possible this week.

Aquarius: Page of pentacles 

page of pentacles

Take stock of your knowledge, status, and ambitions. Be conscious about your desire to learn and how you invest your time and energy in that ambition. This doesn’t have to be about formal education or grades, but about what topics, themes, skills, and abilities you want to learn or refine... and how you’re going to do that in 2024. The Page of Pentacles is an invitation to learn. You are a natural student. Satisfy this side of your personality.

Pisces: Queen of wands 

queen of wands

If you don’t ask, you don’t get—my mother always said that, and it’s true. Another version of the saying is, "The squeaky wheel gets the oil." Pisces, the Queen of Wands asks you to speak up this week! Put your desires and demands out there, overtly and confidently. Make negotiations, deals, compromises, exchanges, collaborations, and investments. Start stuff. Put your agenda front and center, and make progress on it.

Credit: Cosmopolitan