8 Common Misconceptions About Using Dating Apps In India

We swipe right on the facts and debunk the myths about finding love online.

If there is one thing we cannot deny, it’s the fact that the Internet and it’s myriad apps have changed the way in which we interact with those around us. Be it Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, our relationships with our friends, families, and SOs are now majorly shaped online. From likes to comments, views, and memes, flirting has taken on a completely new avatar in the Internet age. How then, can we deny the advent of dating apps, and the effect that they have on our love lives?



With the internet proving to be key in so many areas of our lives — communications, information, social interaction, etc. the dating game can never hope to remain exclusively in the “real” world. Online dating is becoming more and more popular all the time, with thousands of people across the globe turning to the web to solve their relationship woes. In India, people are slowly but surely choosing to give online dating a shot. Many of them, however, tend to be unsure of what they should expect, and end up being hesitant  because of preconceived misconceptions that are sometimes not even true. To sort this out, we decided to give the cyber cupids a helping hand, and separate the facts from the fluff when it comes to dating online. Read on to learn more.


1. Only weird people use dating apps: 


There is a strange misconception that the average user of dating apps is a weirdo. This is not true at all. As with any cross-section of human beings, you will meet a vast and varied amount of people from different walks of life on dating apps. It’s completely your call to decide who you do or do not want to connect with.


2. Dating apps are meant for one-night stands:

one night stand


While there are sites that are aimed at this sort of a thing, most dating apps and sites are genuinely aimed at romance and partnership, especially the paid ones. People who pay monthly fees are unlikely to confuse the issue. Misunderstandings may happen on free sites, but you can usually identify and avoid these at the first hurdle.


3. You don’t get responses from the people you like:



Much like in real life, your crush may or may not like you back. The amount of matches you get, tends to depend a lot on your profile. Uploading real and communicative pictures and taking a little time to write about your likes and dislikes can ensure that you get responses from like-minded people with similar interests.


4. It’s so embarrassing:



The one biggest thing that makes people resist getting on an app is the fear of being seen by friends, family and colleagues. While the concept of dating apps is still catching on, the first thing to remember that the people who are seeing you are using the app as well. Dating apps will not leak your profile publically, so just bite the bullet and get with the times on this one, why don’t you?


5. It could be dangerous:


So could meeting a stranger at a nightclub. Contrary to popular belief, online dating sites aren’t exclusively populated by serial killers and sociopaths. Sure, you have to be alert and take precautions before meeting a relative stranger, but chatting before, and meeting in a public space after informing your friends can ensure your safe interaction with the other person.


6. It’s all smoke and mirrors:



Another popular myth is that people might brag, lie, post fake pictures, and misrepresent themselves. Again, while this might be true for a few people, many apps are directly linked to your Facebook or Instagram account, giving enough access into the person’s real self. Talking with them before, asking common friends if any, and taking the time to get to know somebody is a good way to detect if anyone is telling fibs.


7. It’s too unnatural:


A lot of people claim that cyber interactions are not a good enough environment to get to know someone. Yet, how can an extended conversation over weeks not be better than a 10-minute interaction at a bar or party? Again, taking the time to speak with someone and getting to know them is the key to really creating a connection here. Also, being sober is a big plus when it comes to discerning the quality of your connection with a person.


8. The time/cost factor: 



Some people tend to argue about the monthly cost of subscribing to online memberships. Others say it takes up too much of their time. That being said, if you consider the money and time you spend trying to meet people by going out, online dating proves to be much more effective. Add that to the bonus of meeting people who’s work might not allow them the luxury of partying every weekend, and you have a whole new demographic on your hands.


Our Verdict?


We feel that if you have been dabbling with the idea of using the Internet to end your run of singleness, why not give online dating a go? Don't let your misconceptions put you off from what has become a perfectly viable way to play the dating game. It might just end up being the missing piece of the relationship jigsaw puzzle that you were looking for!