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7 Lists That Will Change Your Life

From helpful to hilarious, we’ve got a life list for everyone

Signs you have found the right guy

1. He makes comments about the future that imply you’ll still be together.

2. He indulges you as you vent about your boss and gossip about the latest evictee from BIGG BOSS.

3. He’s not totally horrified when you walk around wearing a face mask.

4. You’re capable of having it out, and sorting it out, in a reasonable time frame. No, ignoring each other for a week is not reasonable.

5. He says, ‘I love you’—even when you’re wearing your ugliest track pants and watching New Girl re-runs, deep in sloth mode. 

6. He tells you how smokin’ hot you look when you actually make an effort (because we all know ‘you look nice’ doesn’t cut it).

7. When he met your (possibly crazy) extended family, he didn’t leg it.

8. When you’re apart, you miss each other in a genuine way, not in a 15-year-old’s way.

9. You’ve successfully travelled together for more than two weeks without any major bust-ups.

10. You have similar long-term goals, whether it’s buying a house or starting a family.

11. You hate dealing with other humans, but you never get sick of hanging out with (or waking up next to) him.

12. He has a polite way of telling you that that pasta you made for dinner was really terrible.

13. When you think about marrying him, the best part is not the wedding but the fact you’ll spend the rest of your lives together.

14. He brags about you. he’s your biggest fan, next to your mom.

15. No matter how long you’ve been an item, he still does sweet things for you.

16. He’s nice to your friends even when he comes home to find you and your besties drunk on wine and singing karaoke.

17. His friends are nice to you, and keep saying how he’s never seemed happier.

18. You don’t ever think about happily ever after, because as far as you’re concerned, you’ve already got it.

19. signs you’re with the man you should marry


10 Signs you should quit your job

1. The only thing that gets you through the day is sugar.

2. You always have one eye on your e-mails and the other on Buzzfeed.

3. You live for office gossip. Anushka from Marketing called off her engagement? That’s enough to keep you going for a month.

4. Trips to the cafeteria take up 90 percent of your day. Because you can’t concentrate without tea.

5. Mondays make you want to stab yourself in the eye. Fridays make you so happy you could kiss the weird looking office boy.

6. People who say they ‘love their job’ make you throw up in your mouth a bit.

7. You’ve got a resignation e-mail saved in your drafts; just in case. And you reword it on a
daily basis.

8. You’ve perfected your, ‘I’m *cough* sick’ voice, and go make-up free when you return to work to sell how *sick* you’ve been.

9. Every time your boss calls your name you think: FML. Even when they’re just making small talk with you at the lift.

10. You’ve diagnosed yourself with a stomach ulcer from work stress. No, it’s got nothing to do with all that sugar you ate.

4 Ways To Reuse A Burnt Candle Jar

1. Plant an orchid in it. They’re the new succulents in the world of plants, and the new macarons in the world of chic gifting. They are big-impact, minimal bench space plants, so they grow great in a small container.

2. Create some mood lighting. Fairy lights are cheap and give just the right amount of glow for an evening in. Arrange your jars on a serving tray and wrap the fairy lights in and around. Add some vases for height and shape.

3. Give your rings a pretty place to sit when they’re not on your fingers. Pop them on a saucer and cover using an upside-down holder—it acts like a cloche to keep everything dust-free.

4. Make it bathroom appropriate. Your make-up is always looking for cool new places to live, and if you store it all in several jars somewhere you can see it all easily, your morning rush will be more manageable.

9 Things Not To Say To A One Night Stand...

1. ‘Does this mean we’re dating?’

2. ‘Same time next week?’

3. ‘This isn’t how I pictured losing my v-card.’

4. ‘Want to come to my parents’ place for dinner tonight?’

5. ‘Do you think I’m pretty?’

6. ‘Oh my God, my brother has those exact same boxer shorts!’

7. ‘Do you mind if I use your toothbrush?’

8. ‘Now, where do I put my bride-to-be sash?’

9. ‘can i add you on FB?’


8 Fashion Problems Only Disney Princesses Understand

1. The only way you can change is by the power of your Fairy Godmother.

2. No more fun prints. Block colours are your life from now on.

3. You are constantly worrying that your highly uncomfortable glass slippers will shatter and slice up your feet.

4.  You have to wear the same outfit everyday. None of this switching it up with some cute Zara midi-skirts business.

5. Your boyfriend dresses like a male trapeze artist.

6. You can never quite match your shoes to your tiara.

7. You never get an option when it comes to the colour palette—we hope pastel and sorbet shades suit you!

8. Your evil stepmother/enemy/witch with a vendetta can pull off the bad-girl look better than you ever could. But at least you’ll never, ever have a bad hair day.


9 Signs Your Friend Is Really A B*tch

1. She specialises in giving backhanded compliments like, ‘Your new hairstyle really slims your face’. Um, thanks?

2. She looks like she got a whiff of dog poo when you announce something good that’s happened like you’ve just got a promotion.

3. She ‘borrows’ your clothes and never ever gives them back. Then you see her wearing them in her Insta pics.

4. Whenever you try to organise to meet up, she’s always ‘super busy, babes!’

5. Then, when you finally make plans, she’ll always flake at the last minute.

6. She has permanent b*tchy resting face.

7. She’s a compulsive liar. Sorry, but you did not go clubbing with Varun Dhawan last night.

8. You find yourself going all Mean Girl whenever you’re around her.

9. She cut off your Barbie’s hair that one time you were five. no, You’re still not over it.


6 Surprising Things You Can Do In Two Minutes

1. Be more productive by: unsubscribing from all your useless newsletters.

2. Be a calmer person by: meditating, deep breathing, whatever you like.

3. Get better hair by: adding a teaspoon of baking soda to your shampoo to get rid of product build-up.

4. Get a cleaner house by: cleaning for 120 seconds everyday. It will make you a 47 percent cleaner human (we guesstimate).

5. Be a better person by: doing just one act of niceness everyday.

6. Get fitter by: doing a high-intensity interval workout. Do 20 seconds of high-intensity cardio, followed by a 10 second rest. Repeat three times.