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Navkirat: "How to Mend a Broken Heart"

The fifth poem from the special series of poems that Navkirat Sodhi, poetess, performer, and author, pens for Cosmo to talk about the quandary of a broken heart

Heartbreak can mean different things to different people…and no two souls experience it the same way. We get poetess, performer, and author, Navkirat Sodhi, to pen a series of five special poems for Cosmo—to talk about the quandary of a broken heart, and all that it may entail




Heartbreak: Remedy


I carry two hearts

A small one that beats within

A not so small one I live in

The small one is just a muscle

The large one is home

A home that shifts shape

From tent to tavern to dome

As time flies me by

I choose the travellers 

Who come and go

They can stay till they can see

The flight of my throne

The moment they begin

To reach for its wings

My large home opens

Its trained slippery doors