80 Sex Tips In 20 Words Or Less that are Incredibly HOT!

These down-and-dirty moves are straight to the point...meaning, you can read them Quickie - oops, quickly - and put them to use.




1 Drop by his place unexpectedly wearing kneehigh boots, a trench...and nothing else.

2 En route to meet him, text your guy dirty stuff you want him to do to you once you're there.

3 Rub his nerve-packed frenulum (where the head of the penis meets the shaft) with your thumb using medium pressure.

4 Lube up his shaft, get on top, and slide up and down against him-never letting him actually enter you.

5 While he's kissing you, suck on his tongue seductively, imitating what you do to his penis.

6 Try Skype sex. Keep your camera pointed above your shoulders, so he sees just your 'O' face.

7 Lick your lips before heading downtown. It lets him know you enjoy it, making it even more pleasurable.

8 On the ride home, touch his knee. It'll help you get closer to his package.

9 Ask him over for dessert. Lie naked with a few pieces of chocolate on you.

10 Take his testicles into your mouth and hum. The vibration will feel amazing.

11 In missionary, put your ankles over his shoulders. This will lift your butt and allow him to hit your G-spot.

12 Go reverse-cowgirl, then lie down so your head is near his feet.

13 Wear boy shorts during sex (just have him pull them aside). The fabric will create phenomenal friction against his shaft.

14 While he's down south, have him trace sexy words with his tongue to mix things up and introduce new sensations.

15 Intensify his orgasm: as he's climaxing, firmly grab his ass and pull him into you as deep as possible.

16 While he's pleasuring you, have him put his finger inside you.

17 Have him sit cross-legged. Then wrap your legs around his waist to take in all of him.

18 Pucker your lips, and make him fight to get his tongue in while he's kissing you madly.

19 Stick out your tongue so it's flat and broad. Lightly pat his penis against it while you're giving him oral.

20 Using a silk tie, gently bind his hands behind his back. Then torture him with a slow striptease.